Win a copy of The Longest Shot

We have three copies to give to our members

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By on Tue, 6 Nov 2012 - 02:11

The result of expert research and analysis from golf blogger Neil Sagabiel, The Longest Shot tells the fascinating tale of Jack Fleck - a journeyman club pro who beat Ben Hogan in a playoff at the 1955 US Open, still regarded the biggest upset in golf history.

Golfmagic has read the book and we thoroughly enjoyed it. And we’d like you to thoroughly enjoy it to, so we’ve got three copies to give away to our members.

Just tell us, in the forum below, a magical day on the golf course where everything went right for you.

Did you break a personal goal? Or, like Fleck, did you beat an opponent you didn’t expect to? Or have you won a competition and would just like to boast about it?

We’ll pick our three favourite answers in a couple of weeks.

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