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Training aid that keeps World No.3's putting in shape

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As you would expect as Europe’s No.1 golfer and World No.3, Lee Westwood is one of the game's greatest putters. But it doesn't just come through natural ability and hand-eye co-ordination.

As his home town suggests, the 'Worksop wonder' has to work hard at his game to keep it at the top level and he does that using a simple but effective device which keeps his stroke consistent and the putter face square at impact.

Wherever he goes, Westwood uses the Puttmaster - a felt-lined metal tray with the sides turn up at right angles - which helps him keep the toe and heel of his beloved Ping Redwood putter following an identical path to the ball time after time, after time.

He has been so impressed with this simple device that he has agreed to put his name to it as an aid to helping other golfers achieve similar results.

The brain child of Terry Hateley-Lowe of SolarSport Ltd, the Puttmaster (£14.99) is ideal for any golfer - from beginner to scratch amateur - to assist in knocking shots of their game.

 ?Says Hateley-Lowe: “The difference between a good putt and a great putt can be millimetres and often down to the golfer over-complicating what should be a very simple and seamless action. Confidence comes from a repeating putting stroke and rhythmically keeping the putter head low and square between the alignment guide rails can only help lower your scores."

We've got five Lee Westwood Puttmaster training aids to give away

For a chance to win one tell us in the forum panel below about the best greens you have ever putted on and why (30 words maximum please). We'll pick five at random from the total entry to win a Puttmaster. Entries close noon, July 18.

  ?Footnote: Lee Westwood’s Puttmaster is available from American Golf Discount Stores or online at, priced at £14.99 plus p&p.