10 of the best putters for golfers struggling on the greens

If you're a poor putter, give one of these flat sticks a go in 2017

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The most used club in your bag should be one that agrees with you.

If you’re taking too many three putts or missing five footers regularly, it may be time to shelve that blade putter you’ve been labouring with, and rather reach for a forgiving mallet design.

We collate the putters that could turn your short game around in 2017.

TaylorMade OS Spider

OS stands for oversized - and if you can’t putt, the more size the better! This putter is incredibly stable through the hitting zone and a deep-milled insert offers a nice, soft strike.

The raised high contrast alignment line will help you at least start the ball on the correct line.

Price: £140

Head to the TaylorMade website for more.