Reed blames equipment for poor form

Reed says lofts and lies were off which made him alter his swing

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Patrick Reed has blamed his equipment for his relatively slow start to 2017, after not posting a top-10 finish since the beginning of January.

The world number 15 missed his third consecutive cut at the Texas Open on Friday.

“Lies and lofts were off on the irons two to two and a half degrees, which is a lot," Reed said.

"Because of that, it was making me have to alter my golf swing to get the golf ball to go straight. When I was swinging well, all of a sudden I would look up and the ball is long and left. Consistently I'm, 'What is it, is it me, what's going on?'

"When you're on the road as much as you are you always think it's you, it's not the equipment, you know. I hate using that as an excuse, no, it wasn't me, the irons weren't set up where they needed to be...but this was probably the one time that I could actually say my equipment wasn't set up how it's supposed to be for me."

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Seems unusual that every iron was off! Surely with such facilities available to him something should have twigged ... or someone should have mentioned it.

Anyway will be interesting to see the change in fortune!

Quite a revelation to see the PGA leaderboard this morning and see Mr Reed missed the cut by 2 shots ... I guess it's not all about the arrows being wrong then, maybe just maybe, it might be the Indian too ;)

Plenty of time over the weekend to practise now though :)