We test ten of the latest putters. Five blades take on five mallets but who comes out on top?

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By Andy Roberts and Charlie Lemay on Wed, 25 Sep 2013 - 09:09


Following the test, we both scored each putter separately. We then discussed our thoughts and there were four putters we were chomping at the bit to talk about: PING Scottsdale TR Grayhawk, Yes! Callie 12, Nike MC02w and TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs.

While putting is extremely personal and many people will have contrasting views on the same putter, the PING Scottsdale TR Grayhawk was our victor on this occasion. It’s a reliable putter from a brand you can trust and although the appearance could be improved, it has all the aspects we crave in a putter. A perfect feel is combined with a true roll, with the ball coming off the face and rolling end over end seemingly straight away. It sits comfortably on the ground and the alignment aid makes it so easy to make those short putts drop. Even Charlie - who is partial to a short miss or two - was knocking them in for fun.

Yes! Callie 12 earns a silver overall but finished as the top blade. We strongly recommend this putter. TaylorMade's Daddy Long Legs earns Bronze and is closely followed by Nike's MC02w and Odyssey's Versa #7.

With all the latest modern technology on show, all the putters being tested were of exceptional standard and even the budget Dunlop NZ9 was good enough for a beginner. Try numerous putters before you buy in order to find the right one for your game but you won't go far wrong with any of these.

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Dunlop NZ9
Mizuno MP A302
Never Compromise Sub30
Nike Method Core
Odyssey Golf Versa #7
PING Scottsdale TR Grayhawk
Rife Iconic Z
TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs
Wilson Vizor
Yes! Callie 12

Your Say… 

Do you agree with our scores? Are you aghast that we chose the PING Scottsdale TR Grayhawk as the best? Are there any putters you felt should have been included? Tell us on the forum below.

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