where do i find out hosel size ?

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where do i find out hosel size ?
planning reshaft my old favourites, maxfli a10 tour limited, but i don't know what tip size i need to buy or if they are tapered or parallel . would anyone here know or be able to tell me a website where i might find info. cheers

If you check Gamola golf website, on the right hand side of their homepage there is a 'Quicklinks' section and in that section is an 'OEM shaft replacement guide' button. Click that and a page with club manufacturers will open. Choose Maxfli and a page with Maxfli clubs and appropriate shafts will open.A10 irons are listed as tip diameter 0.355 taper tip but I'm not sure if they are the same as the Limited Tour version. I expect if you give Gamola a call they will know for sure and be able to advise you on possible options.

This is fairly comprehensive for shaft sizes.http://www.golfworks.com/article.asp?ai=376&bhcd2=1284375624

thanks for your help, could not find a10 tour limited so gonna take chance with the 0.355 taper. now to find a set of kbs tour stiff shafts, cheers