Scottish Outing: Sunday 1st September??

It is high time we got another gathering put together so how about something on the 1st September?  I had hope to make Baberton our venue, but our various course changes have not yet finalised and we still have  a couple of temporary greens in place and a shortened course. Best to wait till Spring.  The new clubhouse is grand though!

I wondered about the King James course in Perth - central location and accessible by train.  Also there is accommodation around if anyone fancied a game on Saturday   as well and an overnight stay.  Main event on Sunday, however.  

Expressions of interest, other suggestions for a venue etc welcome.



MAF IA Golfer wrote (see)

Muirfield looks nice

Sure does.  Do you think we'll get bacon butties, coffee, a round and tea for £45? 

Depending on venue ill make The journey for this. Played Barberton other week and I really liked the place 

Yes please... I've got to return the sombrero   Not played King Jimmy's since May '89..

Wayman wrote (see)

Depending on venue ill make The journey for this. Played Barberton other week and I really liked the place   

  Glad you liked it, but you will know what I meant about not being ready for an outing.

Count me in...depending on how far.......where's the usual suspects these days?

Crazyface wrote (see)

I would love to...but can't  What about one in spring next year?

That's a pity. I'm counting on Baberton being ready for a spring outing.

Is the night life in Baberton that good!!!   I can see a motorhome city, a couple of Beefeaters and a couple of roads we can play chicken on.   

All sounds good to me.  1st of Sep is booked in the diary and the wooden spoon is ready for a new owner. Fancy a swap Big Hobbitt?

Some where around Edinburgh gullane area be good im up at gullane next weekend can't wait

So far we have interest from MeZombieWaymanKenCheers Big EarsBig Hobbit

I'll play craigielaw again but not with as much wind please

Add in AC who has lost his ability to use the Internet due to fatherhood!

zombie wrote (see)

Add in AC who has lost his ability to use the Internet due to fatherhood!

I'll add him in without pretending to understand how fatherhood damages the ability to use the internet.  

Wayman wrote (see)

I'll play craigielaw again but not with as much wind please

  Tell me about it Wayman!  Played today and got blown all over the place. Hit some great shots into greens but one was a 100yd 7iron and the other a 80yd 9iron... Back on topic.  It would be great to see some new faces at our wee Golf Magic event - the more the merrier as they say.  

I could possibly make this, not too far to drive from Tyne & Wear would need to know what time we would be teeing off though

Things move on apace.  Ken Mavor has magnanimously agreed (he's like that you know) that given the locations of those interested - Edinburgh area and more Southron parts - we should look to a venue more convenient to the majority.   I'll start looking around Edinburgh and East Lothian.  Suggestions welcome.

Craigielaw visitor green fee is ??19.50 and I'm on good terms with the manager who could be sweet talked into letting me sign on more than the allowed 3.

I know we've played there before but it's a good benchmark to compare other deals with...

I have enquiries out to Kilspindie, West Linton and Whitekirk.  The likes of Dunbar, North Berwick, Gullane and Luffness are outwith our usual sort of price range. We can keep Craigielaw in mind,  but the problem there is its microclimate.  Dead calm across the dyke in Kilspindie and blowing a hoolie on Craigielaw. I jest of course, having played Kilspindie in a hoolie as well.  I'll  follow up any other suggestions.

Two replies in already.  W Linton is unavailable since it is hosting a tournament that weekend.  Perha Whitekirk can take 3 - 4 ball games starting at 1000.  £42pp for the usual coffee and filled roll, golf and a 2 course meal.  I played it 6 years ago and liked it and it gets good reviews on     I'll wait to hear from Kilspindie before we decide. MeZombieWaymanKenCheers Big EarsBig HobbitACSimonScotty Cameron

im actually playing whitekirk on friday and sunday its ok course

Scotty Cameron wrote (see)

Wayman, you don't half get around do you

  Wayman, the Golfing Nomad!  When are you going to host us down at Goswick??? I've not played Whitekirk but I know they offer good deals all the time.  £15 a round isn't unusual for a weekend so £42 leaves £27 covering the nosh...  Supposed to be a tough but scenic course with the opening hole a beast called the "Awakener"! Has a driving range and I had lunch there and the food was pretty good. I know a couple of members too so may be able to get an inside contact and a better deal... Not played Kilspindie either but hear it's an old fart club (apolgies to old farts) with tired facilities. Shortish course with plenty of character and proper traditional links. I'm probably biased as I play next door and a BIG fan of modern golf clubs. I hope this helps and I'm not too biased.  

Zombie your welcome down goswick any time bud just give me a shout   is the glen not worth a look at?

Wayman wrote (see)

is the glen not worth a look at?

  Yes, I checked it from its website.  The green fee alone  is £61 so even if there were a group discount, I thought it too expensive and haven't been in touch with the club.

Good shout Wayman. Great course, good menu and a friendly club house.

Also got my only up and down from a beach on the wee par 3!

My mate plays there too...

Whitekirk is on the 2fore1 list is it not. I have a couple of vouchers that could be used, saves on the pennies.

Sorry but its a cry off for me. I'm all over golfing in the next few weeks, and funds are getting stretched.  

Right folks, Whitekirk it is as Kilspindie came in a bit too expensive. Sunday 1st September.  Tee times 1015, 1022, 1030.  Room for 12 players. Tea/coffee and filled roll on arrival.  Round of golf.  2 Course meal after for  £42.  Add on a fiver for a prize fund and optional £2 sweep for 2s (payable on the day) It's too close to the date to faff around with deposits, so if you are signing on please let me have £47 by cheque or inter-bank transfer.  Same name andaddress for cheques as before and same bank account and sort code.  If you don't have these or have forgotten, send me a PM and I'll let you know. Sorry you can't make it, Big Hobbit.  You'll be missed.

niblick wrote (see)

zombie wrote (see)
 apologies to old farts



  Hey, you aint no old fart Niblick - you're cool and down with the kids!!