Celebrity Golfers

whose your favourite?

Whoops - Sorry - that should be 'who is' not 'whose'

In these days of Celebrity this and Celebrity that I thought that it might be interesting to get back to one of the original exponents of the crossover between sport and celebrity - namely golf!

I have long been a fan of Bill Murray as an actor and I love the slightly irreverent way in which he approaches golf. Nothing fake about him - that's just how he is! Anyone who has seen his swing in the film Lost in Translation will have seen his potential. Fantastic setting with Mt Fuji in the background and a perfectly manicured Japanese fairway ahead. Gorgeous easy tempo swing straight down the middle - single figures all over it!

So whose swing do you most admire from the paparazzi fodder: A kilted Samuel L Jackson, Hugh Grant (both single figure players) President Obama? Or do you prefer the home shore offerings of Tarby and wee Ronnie Corbett?

Votes please!


Take your pick from the bandits below...... Richard Dreyfuss must be having a laugh, definitely bought that at WalMart Name Known for Handicap Jack Nicholson One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; The Shining 10.7 Clint Eastwood The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Dirty Harry; Unforgiven 11 Robert Redford Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; The Sting 12 Sidney Poitier Guess Who's Coming to Dinner; In the Heat of the Night 14.6 Sean Connery Goldfinger; The Hunt For Red October 15 Jack Lemmon Some Like It Hot; Grumpy Old Men 17 Kirk Douglas Champion; Paths of Glory; Spartacus 21.4 Name Known for Handicap Adam Baldwin The Patriot 2.5 Alex Hyde-White Pretty Woman 3.7 Kevin Sorbo Hercules 5.0 Randy Quaid Dead Solid Perfect 6.1 Chris O'Donnell Batman and Robin 6.6 Dennis Quaid The Big Easy 7.0 Bruce McGill Bagger Vance 7.0 Tea Leoni The Family Man 8 Jim Brown Dirty Dozen 9 Sylvester Stallone Rocky 10 Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction 10.1 Name Known for Handicap Andy Garcia Internal Affairs 11.0 Peter Gallagher American Beauty 11.3 Kevin Costner Dances with Wolves 12.6 Stephen Baldwin The Usual Suspects 14 Aidan Quinn 14 Will Smith Men in Black 14 Richard Roundtree Shaft 14.6 Michael Douglas Wall Street 15.5 Mikhail Baryshnikov White Nights 16 Bruce Willis Die Hard 16 James Woods Any Given Sunday 16.9 Name Known for Handicap Robert Loggia Prizzi's Honor 17.5 Dean Cain Lois and Clark 18 Matt Damon Good Will Hunting 20 Judd Nelson The Breakfast Club 20 Catherine Zeta-Jones The Mask of Zorro 20 Dennis Hopper Easy Rider 21 Tom Cruise Risky Business 23 A. Schwarzenegger The Terminator 24 Joe Mantegna Godfather III 25 Mel Gibson Braveheart 26.7 Richard Dreyfuss The Goodbye Girl 31.3Oops looks like IE 8 is screwy again, or is it this website? 

If we're going down that route then KG would be my first choice  Is that Stoke Poges in the background?

Whilst we're being shallow, I have to say that I agree with Nick on KG! But, a close second.....

NickdeBug wrote (see)

If we're going down that route then KG would be my first choice  Is that Stoke Poges in the background?

YES it is Stoke.

That bloke who is married to Louise Redknapp. Jamie?  Awesome looking swing.  And good ol' Bruce Forsyth.  I wonder if he grants brucie bonus points for good shots?  Or, if he tells his ball to go "HIGHER!!!" or "LOWER!!!".

Scotty Pro Platinum wrote (see)

Definitely would pair up with this 11 handicapper.

Who the hell is that Scooty? That's what we need to see more of at my club

JayJay wrote (see)

Whilst we're being shallow, I have to say that I agree with Nick on KG! But, a close second.....

And while I'm at it JJ, could you tell me who this fairway beauty is please

JayJay wrote (see)

FCM, the first is Di Stewart and the second is Tia Leoni

Ah, she must be taking relief from her x-piles!

Well, if I can join you gents in being shallow ..........A three-ball with David Ginola and Jamie Redknapp would do it for me.