Center of Percussion

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Center of Percussion
Where is the Center of Percussion (sweetspot) on a blade?

most if not all sweetspots on any iron or wedge are a tiny little bit left of centre (nearer to the hosel)

You can get an idea by holding the blade gently in the palm of the hand and by bouncing (between finger and thumb) a 50p piece on the face - fingers are sensitive enough to determine which part of the face has no vibration from the tapping and gives the coin a clear ring.

Thanks for the answers.Taz i think you would need to demonstrate that to me, but thanks.Adam i would agree with you to some degree, towards the hosel.Try hit the ball as close to the hosel as possible and see if you notice anything.This in general does not apply to people who play cavity backs or golfers with bad hand to eye co-ordination.