Club distances- how far should you hit each club?

03/02/2006 at 16:38

How far should you hit your clubs? Check out this club distance calculator, I tried it and it was pretty accurate with respect to how far I really do hit my clubs.


UPDATE: Ed from Golfmagic here. We've looked through what you guys have been saying and found some instructional articles on how far you hit each club. Check out our guides to:

Chipping distances and Know your distances


06/02/2006 at 11:32
This site is quite good but can anyone give figures for an average 4 iron against a 19degree rescue against a 7 wood.

I find it hard to contistantly hit a 3 & 4 iron so was weighing up buying either a rescue or a 7 wood to replace. Thanks
06/02/2006 at 11:43
Pounts - In my own experience a 19* Hybrid will carry quite a bit further than a 4 iron. Most 4 irons are around 24* of loft so you have the lower loft, plus Hybrids seem to go further than their equivalent lofted iron.
I use a 19* Hybrid as a 2 iron replacement. Never used a 7 wood so cannot comment.
Bets thing is to find a local range shop and get them to tape up some Hybrids and FW woods and give them a belt and see which is best for your swing.
06/02/2006 at 11:55
Creosote - i think you are right about the trying out thing. Having posted the question i guess i know really that the only way to find out is to try them side by side. Cheers mate.
06/02/2006 at 17:03
My 7 wood travels further than my 3 iron and a 21/22 degree rescue is a replacement for 4 iron in my experience.

I was at a Taylormade demo day and was hitting the RAC LT 4 iron to virtually the same place as the NO 4 (21 degree) rescue.
06/02/2006 at 20:16
Just dont try that calculator in firefox - dont bloody work :(
06/02/2006 at 20:27
I thought it was just me.. will try IE
06/02/2006 at 20:43
Poults, if you're looking for a 4 Iron replacement, look for around 23-25* loft, because when you nail a Rescue, it goes further than the equivalent nailed Iron.

I know this, because I hit my 22* Rescue at the moment around 175+ yards, but will be lucky to reach 160 yards with my 4 Iron.
06/02/2006 at 20:52
In the winter I seem to hit my 3 iron further than my rescue. Probably like everything just down to setup :)
06/02/2006 at 21:09
Just out of intrest how far did you all put down for your 5 iron distance ? mine was 185.and the rest of the clubs were pretty much spot on .
Edited: 06/02/2006 at 21:10
06/02/2006 at 21:28
I put down 175yds for 5I.
Clubs down to 9I were pretty accurate but below that they were way out.
There's a thread somewhere at BSG about this and a lot of them are finding the same, its accurate until it gets to the short irons and wedges.

06/02/2006 at 21:33
I put 140 for my 5, aint got a clue what my average is, got a feeling it's 160/170. In fact i'm after a PDA with GPS if anyone is selling one so I can start to plot my club yardages

01/11/2008 at 22:51
How far for a 7 iron?
02/11/2008 at 01:47
mine are scarly accurate, in the irons. but i must be doing somthing wrong with the driver says i should be hitting 265, but i hit it about 230 on average
02/11/2008 at 09:32

I tried out the calculator and I would say that it was not all that accuarate. The system must be based on a logarithmic scale, but some people are better strikers with irons than they are woods largely because irons require a downward strike and woods a flatter plane. I differ no more than ten yards for each club, but a longer hitter would differ more.

Incidentally, I no longer hit long irons and have a 4,3, & 2 TM rescue clubs. Never been a good long iron player even though I play off 5, however these rescue clubs are superb for trajectory and distance. I estimate 180 - 185 for 4, 190 -195 for 3 and 200 - 220 for 3. Could never hit irons that far.  

02/11/2008 at 09:48
Simon S - Until you get your GPS you can use Google Earth to get some idea of your drive lengths at least. Just zoom in on a course you know well (until the fairway fills your monitor screen). Features such as bunkers, trees, ditches etc will give you a reference point where you know your ball will normally land. Follow the line of the ball from tee box to landing point using the Ruler Tool from the top menu bar. It is very accurate; you can test it by using an American football field (gridiron) which has 10 yard line increments.
NB. Google Earth does not cover all areas of the UK in sharp enough detail.
02/11/2008 at 11:00

I've measured mine out and get approx 10 yards more distance from my hybrid than I do my long irons.   I now dont carry irons below a 5 (and sometimes not even that). 

It gives me a bit of a distance gap between 5 and 4 iron equivalents though which can be a pain. 

7i 155
6i 165
5i 175       or      5i rescue 185  (I carry the latter if the fairways are wet / its windy)
4i rescue 200
2i rescue 225

02/11/2008 at 11:16
Ant Lockyer wrote (see)
In the winter I seem to hit my 3 iron further than my rescue. Probably like everything just down to setup

Ant, It might have something to do with your Rescue club hits the ball on a higher trajectory than your 3 Iron, So it comes down on a steeper angle then it stops dead right next to it pitch mark?

Rather than a 3 Iron that tend to go on a lower trajectory, Hence a little more roll on landing?

I too leave my Rescues in the Car During the wetter winter months.

02/11/2008 at 13:24

short irons are way too long.

02/11/2008 at 13:55
The majority of players tend to play graphite shafts in their rescues/hybrids and steel shafts in their irons. I reckon this accounts for at least 10yds extra distance in equivalent lofts.


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