23/08/2010 at 09:08

I have been a member of Golf Magic for some time now and have never really been involved in forums although I enjoy reading them. Main reason is that you get some real rude muppets that feel they have to insult you in replies..! So here we go for another 'attack'

Forgive me if this has been raised before. I am not the best golfer by a thousand miles, play of 6 and and regard myself as Joe Average. Average drives, iron play, chipping, bunker play. I am a very good putter ( thank god ) and that keeps me at 5 / 6 handicap.

On reading these forums I am truly astounded at some the yardages that people are claiming they get.

( looking a buying a new hybrid as I hit my five wood 230 - 240 )

( 7 iron I can usually get 180-190 )

Really ..? who is kidding who here guys. I play with an army of different blokes as low as + 3 and as high as 28 and none of them hit these yardages. In fact my pro who has a lot of sucess in pro-ams /  Scottish events hits nothing like these.

Yet here I am reading time and time again about a bloke of 13 looking to fill the gap between his 3 iron ( 195 ) and his 5 wood ( 230- 240 )

My suggestion - Buy a Skycaddie and start to measure your shots....!

23/08/2010 at 09:47

Every considered that it might be your attitude that elicits the responses you get?

Rather than ask a simple question "Do people really hit the distances they claim?" you insult anyone claiming to be a long hitter by saying in effect "All long hitters are liars. They should get a DMD. That'll show them what liars they are".

And you expect people to play nice with you. Jeez. Strikes me you're actually the "real rude muppet" here.

Personally, I play with people (3 that I can recall) who can hit their 7 irons 180 yards, their 5 iron over 200 yards and their drivers 270 yards plus. Only one of them brags about being a long hitter, the others are just very low handicappers. And yes, I have a Skycaddie and yes, I have measured them. 


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23/08/2010 at 10:05

I'm certain there are people who can hit these yardages. If Harrington can hit his 5-wood 245 average (272 at Birkdale), it can't be physically impossible. They might even be Cat 2 golfers because, for instance, they have little touch around the greens or are poor putters.

I don't think many amateurs hit these distances consistently and straight. But you can't assume those who claim to are mistaken or lying, unless you've seen them play.

23/08/2010 at 10:07

There we go,

I have never said "All long hitters are liars'' just find it all a bit funny how these people playing of 14 for example are hitting 280 + yard drivers.!!

Take a look at tour average and you will find 280 yard drives  is common FOR A PRO ON TOUR !

But the amount of mid handicappers on this site that claim to hit these distances is frankly beyond believe.

Also the ones that do probably have a very small % of fairways hit.

Of course there are long hitters but I do not see many threads on this site that say for example ' I hit 7 iron 156 yards' they are all 175 - 180 so the very nature of this is bragging..?

Me - I will get 150 -153 yards ( max - measured with skycaddie ) with my 7 iron, anyone else simliar or am I the shortest hitter in this site..?

23/08/2010 at 10:14

Certainly not the shortest, W-b! Without wind, slope assistance or a big roll, I don't often get a 7-iron much beyond 130.

But I'd rather at least know that and play for it...

23/08/2010 at 10:17

There are guys around at amateur level who do hit the ball long, some of them really long, and occassionaly crazy long! I play with a couple of them, one of them crazy long (I have lasered his drives at 370+yds, his ball speed measured by a TM fitter on a Flitescope was up to189mph, and SS up to 138mph), and its amazing. 

Its not that no-one hits the ball crazy long distance, its that so many people claim to, usually because of a lack of objectivity (environmental conditions) or wrongly measured (using course markers and hole yardages rather than a DMD). Thats usually the issue in these threads, the good old "I hit my 3W 300yds" type claims.

There are low handicappers who hit it long, but many dont, but the one thing in common with the low handicappers is they seem to have a far better understanding and realism for how far they do hit it. You arent going to shoot low scores if every time you are 180yds you hit 7I short of the green cos you *think* you hit it that distance but dont.

So my experience is there are recreational golfers who can hit the ball long, just not as many as those that claim they do!

23/08/2010 at 10:24

Although even the pro over estimate how far they hit it.

At the USPGA, they where always going on about how far Dustin Johnson hits the ball. But the amount of times he was a club short on his approach shots was unreal.

23/08/2010 at 10:28
GVI Gary wrote (see)

Certainly not the shortest, W-b! Without wind, slope assistance or a big roll, I don't often get a 7-iron much beyond 130.

But I'd rather at least know that and play for it...

Gary, I think you have a new 'bragging rights' post there. Cos I hit my 7i 125 yards, anyone beat that!! And we are talking averages here, no topping one off the tee and claiming 10ft..
23/08/2010 at 10:37
23/08/2010 at 10:40
You have to realise that there is a tendency for people to remember their best shots and quote those as their club distance. For most mid-cappers the reality of an average distance (based on similar conditions) would be significantly lower.

I don't doubt many of the claims are based on truths. I know that I can hit a driver 300 yards on occasion and would have no problem hitting a 7 iron 180 yards if the conditions were right. I also know that most of my drives will be closer to the 250 mark and my accuracy can go out of the window if I try and wind up on them too much.

This year I have been concentrating on understanding distance to the pin (aided by a Nikon laser DMD) and using a variety of clubs/shots to achieve it. There is little point in hitting a big 160 yard 8 iron into a concrete hard green and watching it bounce through. Instead I will bump a 6 iron and let it run on. Consequently I have become less and less interested in "what is the maximum distance that I can get out of a club?" If I am even asking this question it is usually a good sign that I should be taking one more club and not trying to hit the skin off it.

To OP: You make a fair point, but make it badly. Calling fellow members muppets, and inferring than many grossly exaggerate their distance claims (whether you meant to or not) is not the best way of starting a productive discussion. Welcome to the wonderful world of posting rather than lurking anyway
23/08/2010 at 10:41

7I = 150-155 yards on a still day + or - 10 yards for wind. I can hood the feck out of it and swing in a draw planee and probably squeeze another 50 yards out of it but a) I may slip a disc, b) my left knee may need an op for the slipped cartiledge, c) it would be a huge uncontrollable hook .... etc.

However my driver is 270yards including roll out - I use 2 different drivers for different conditions. 1 is 10.5 degree lofted G15 stiff shaft - good for 300yards when I chase it and the wind is non existent or behind. The other is 9.5 degree regular shaft Bridgestone J33r - I use this when the wind is more in the face, why, well it has a lower trajectory and because the shaft is soft, this promotes a low speed/ low spin shot giving more distance than the high flying thing. The 2nd driver is not as long on a still day but thats why I change over to the G15.

All my distances are measured using my Sonocaddie and are averages under similar conditions.

I think hitting a driver long now is more common because they are so easy to hit - I look at my driver of 20 years ago and it is smaller than some  hybrids. The large size allows people to thrash and get away with off centre hits and then leads to the huge distances. Also I think we would see a difference between pro and amatures with regards carry - I carry roughly 225-235 yards (I cannot measure accurately - all I know is an obstacle at 220y is cleared )

But the truth is distance is only relevant for the shot that is about to be taken. The point is course conditions and weather will dictate your length. I too am taken aback at the distance claims people make but if they manage it, well done, but the game is about the lowest amount of shots. By the way I can hit a putter 70 yards....................

23/08/2010 at 10:44
The variability in my shots is amazing and conditions plays a big part of that (wind, air pressure, humidity, hardness of ground, my body).

This season I have hit my driver 290+ yds with good conditions (usually wind behind) on 2-3 occasions. Back in May when my swing was struggling, I was could barely make it past 200 yards.

Generally I drive about 240-250 yards in summer conditions. On one of our holes we have a ditch that is 180-190 yards off the tee. I can usually clear that by about 15-20 yards (so carry is about 210 yards) and then it's all down to run.
23/08/2010 at 10:51


Only claiming the people making rude comments are muppets not the majority,

'Main reason is that you get some real rude muppets that feel they have to insult you in replies..!'was my sentence that has caused some 'offence'  None meant to the majority but some blokes just wish to have a pop.Anyway nice to see some sensible replies.
23/08/2010 at 10:57
I think this comes down to a couple of things.

The 280 tour average you're quoting is an average, to give an example Dustbin Johnson "averages" 307.7 but at the PGA to quote Butch Harmon "cleared that 325 carry like it wasn't there".

I can (and about once per round) hit drives out to about 305 (gps and google maps confirmed) however once you take into account the fact I put between 3 and 8 in the trees or on a different fairway I'd be surprised if I averaged 240! On forums I think people are normally talking about their Sunday best with the mind blanking out how the odd sh**k, top, duff etc affect their "average"

I play off 19 and hit a 7 iron 155-165 (a bit closer to an average this time ) my putting is poor and while I have alot of different shots around the green I'm pretty inconsistent at getting close enough to get up and down.

I only get about 10 rounds and 20 range sessions a year but I'm in my 20's and hit the gym 3 times a week so I should be able to hit a long ball! the fact it ends up in the woods as often as on the green is (I hope) down to practise
23/08/2010 at 10:59

Agree with Nick and others, the key thing is "average if I hit it properly". I've hit a lifetime-best 270-yard drive (with tons of roll), but last weekend I measured my drives with my new GPS and I averaged under 210 - and not one of the drives on the outbound 9 (mostly uphill and into a breeze) made 200 yards!

Mtp, you have me bested! I used to  allow 125 for my 7I but seem to have found 5 extra yards from somewhere this year, dammit.

As for 180? More like a 7 wood!

Edited: 23/08/2010 at 11:00
23/08/2010 at 11:14
The other thing to remember when we talk about 280-yard tour averages for driving is that those aren't just with drivers, sometimes it'll be a 3-wood (or even irons).

Not sure whether they count par-3s on those stats and whether it is only balls that end up on the fairway?
23/08/2010 at 12:08

I'm sure my drives average about 220 once you take into account the duffed, skyed, topped monsters - but on average it's closer to 260 (pretty much all carry) with my best being around 300 (GPS).

As for irons, if i'm swinging well I have been know to hit a 9iron from 150 but only when my timing is spot on and i'm hitting a little draw, but then if im not hitting it well i'd go with a 7iron or even a 6i if there was water to clear etc.

But at the end of the day none of that matters, I may reach a 500 yard par 5 in 2 but then 3 putt and enter the exact same score as the old boy who takes 4 to reach the green and 1 putts  Golf is all about getting the ball in the hole in the least shots, I would take a max distance of 190 yards if it was always straight where I am aiming!!

23/08/2010 at 17:15

Starting from the tee box and taking into account playing conditions, direction (oops), and finishing point (carry & roll can be subjective depending the course you are playing). I used to think my average length was in the region of 240/250. 

After using the skycaddie I found I averaged 220  and came to the conclusion I preferred it when I could hit 240/250

23/08/2010 at 17:50
Agree with the more enlightened GM regular posters above. I regularly play with guys who hit it's as long as the longest PGA Tour players. One had the highest recorded SS on the Titleist UK launch monitor. I played in the Scratch Team with him and it was an experience I & our opponents won't forget in a hurry. LOL

There are a plethora of threads on this. Bottom line is Tour Players are not track and field athletes. The only difference is they hit the ball with incredible precision and consistency compared to us mere mortals. If you want a real mans challenge try flinging an adult male hammer over 40yds The best throwers fxxk it out well over twice that far.
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23/08/2010 at 21:18

I certainly can't claim to be a big hitter but I did win a longest drive at The Renaissance course recently. Mainly because I managed to stay on the correct fairway when some of the "big hitters" sprayed the ball into the rough or adjoining fairways.

I would say that I usually hit my driver about 220 yards, sometimes a bit more, more often a bit less. I would say my best drive went around 270 yards going by the hole length on the scorecard (425) and the fact I was at the 150 yard marker but there was a lot of roll on that one.  

My 7 iron distance is around 135 yards going by my Skycaddie. It's certainly the club I hit when faced with a 135-140 yard shot to the centre of the green. 


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