The impregnable Quadrilateral

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The impregnable Quadrilateral
Every Course in this year's major's suits the Tiger-Will he win them all on his current form?
Alexander Bangert

Surely - just like Byron Nelson's amazing 11 tours wins on the bounce - no one (even Tiger Woods) can win four majors in one year.
Having said that, Tiger is pretty awesome.... finishing near the top of every event he plays in it seems.

Peter Woodley

Personally I think that Tiger Woods' run of 6 wins is actually a greater achievement than that of Byron Nelson in the 1940's.

Tanya Andrews

I agree. The fact that Tiger Woods is favourite for every tournament he enters just goes to show how dominant he is - on a golfing circuit that is more competitive than ever.

Martin Park

Tiger is the best player I think we are all ever likely to see. He is so far ahead of everyone else it's almost unfair at times. His 6 win record was phenomenal, especially with the greater competition of this era as opposed to Nelson's. But here is a question for you. Who would be most likely to win a grand slam, Tiger or teh "on fire" Karrie Webb, she has already got one in the bag this year

Hole Out (28.0)

Is this the first ever thread on GolfMagic?

dont think Hoylake suits him?? One of his 90 yards to the right specials on the first and he will be OB

Darth - This thread was started on 2000!

No simple as that I played Hoylake and with the changes they are making he will struggle

Oi Parky,happy new year,Whatever year.Tiger will most of any tournaments,purely because he can,not because any suit him,cream always rises to the top.Topic still rellevant

Hole Out is the one asking the question here! Chuckling to myself reading this one.

It's irrelevant as to it's age,thats what forums are for,Have you met Parky?.It's a bit like asking,is someome more intelligent than the last time??.:)