Tiger's Challengers

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Tiger's Challengers
Jack Nicklaus said that Tiger has no rivals right now, but he will have in the future...is he right, or will Tiger dominate golf for the resat of his career?
Omar Saeed

The only human challenger to Tiger is Tiger, has long has he remains motivated, no one is going to come near him.
And to think he hasn't even reached is peak yet. ouch !

Karl Stern

I've seen Tiger's astrological chart, and it screams "you will encounter a 4 footed animal that rhymes with pips for an extended period of time". ???? Hmmmmm...interesting.

Martin Park

Karl, you might have to explain that one to me!!! Nothing to do with the YIPS is it??? Cos he wont get them!

I think tiger should be handicapped, +5 to start with, its about the only way our present crop could compete, tee hee

Lets face it - he did play awesome golf.He is very creative - especially round the greens and he uses his assets (power and finesse) very very well. On his day, he is ... awwesome. But he did display signs that he is human after all and can miss the odd fairway.To his credit he showed amazing presence of mind to recover rather than hang his head. While he has that presence of mind, he wil be No1. If he loses that mind set then chinks will appear allowing some of the young guns to step up.I think that he is a truly great golfer but - as we all know - golf is a very fickle game sometimes - an inch or so out every now and then turns a good score into a poor one...

Tiger misses plenty of fairways - he's not in the top 100 for driving accuracy. But he has a fantastic short game. There are courses where he probably can't win, Carnoustie for example, but there are those such as Augusta and St. andrews where he is virtually unbeatable.He's renewed the challenge to Els, Singh and the rest and raised the bar yet again. For my money the challenge over the next 10 years is going to come from the likes of Luke Donald and Adam Scott but they've got to put the sort of dedication into the game that Tiger has and Singh continues to do. Tiger isn't going to come back to the level of the pack so they've got to rise to meet him. Game on!

i thought tiger played his best golf yesterday. he looked totally in control and swung well within himself. i know i'll get shot down for this but i usually get quite infuriated when i watch tiger. i'm convinced he's being helped from above at times and i think that aswell as being the worlds best golfer, he's also the world's luckiest.

Ahhhh. You make your own luck. When you are swinging well it all goes your way, when you don't it all goes against you.He's swinging well at the moment...

I remember Gary Player saying: "Thats funny, I find the more I practice the luckier I get!"when someone suggested he had been lucky on the course that day.

Sean O'Hair is the next big thing IMO. I was touting him way before he won at the John Deere. The guys swing is just awesome. At 22 years of age he is the 2nd youngest player on tour, and he's had a victory and a 2nd in only 18 starts. A nice top 20 finish at his 1st ever Major this week too. Be warned.

I have been watching the progression of Young Mr Saltman over the last year and I think he is going to be very good. He's 19, an Open silver medal winner and when asked if he was turning pro soon replied that he thought he had at least another couple of years learning as an amatuer to do yet.Watch this space.

Spooky, Stephen, as I read these posts, I was starting to form a similar post to yourself.He's got a beautiful swing, almost Els-like in his tempo. I assume he has bottle too, given he's won two big Amateur strokeplay titles, and knew he needed to finish on -5 to win the silver medal.And he comes from a village just outside Edinburgh!

And what's happened to Karl Stern and Saeed?

Thing is about driving accurracy is that tiger puts the ball so far up there that hes nearer the green than most so is only playing 8 iron or pw which makes it slightly easier to recover.

he had olly's number for sure on the driving, goading him into whacking the ball for all it's worth, taking a three wood where 99% of folks would hit driver. I agree, he played his best golf Sunday, hit the ball soooo sweetly you could feel it through the plasma screen! Rivals...well i agree with the Saltman backers...got to look at the next generation of golfers for anyone to get near him...it sucks, but he's seems a country mile away from Donald, Poulter, Scott...

I reckon a young lad who is going to shine soon will be Rory McIlroy. Still an amateur, 16 years old, and played in the Smurfit Irish Open recently. I heard a story that last weekend he set a new course record on Royal Portrush of 61. 9 Birdies and an Eagle, the rest pars. He will be one huge talent soon if his current form is anything to go by.

Full story here. http://www.newsletter.co.uk/story/21373Dunluce course as well. Very impressive shooting. Shattered existing record by three shots.

"...it sucks, but he's seems a country mile away from Donald, Poulter, Scott..."... and Els , Goosen , Singh and the other bloke for that matter ! - at present he's back to the sort of form of a few years back ie: vitually untouchable - difference at the minute seems to be he's doing it whilst hardly stepping into 3rd gear (witness the last 4 days we've just seen at St Andrews) - bottom line is he manages to keep his head whilst all others around lose theirs !!!!!I just can't put my finger on at the minute whether he's so uniquely good that he does stand 'clearly' head & shoulders above the rest or simply that the 'rest' are so ordinary he's made to look the unique being we may think he is ?

No Paul, he won the open by default because the others just folded. He shot a 70 on the final round ? Not close to what I call outstanding on a course not known for its toughness.

Henry. The point is he didn't have to be. He watched the leaderboards and played safe golf. Like he said all he had to do was match the others scores and he would win. There is no point going at tough pins if you don't have to.