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Tinted Glasses

Hi guys.  i have a bit of an unusual question. 

 I wear glasses with transitions lenses(they go dark in sunlight) but I find that the tint I have at present(Grey) makes the ball almost invisible on the fairway in evening sun, and I have lost count of the number of balls lost because I have walked straight past the things and looked in wrong places.  Its not a problem during the middle of the day,just when the sun is low,but I play most of my golf in the evening.

The question is: is there a better tint for glasses which would give me better contrast on white/green.  Probably only a few of you have had this problem so any help would be appreciated


Ian,I have Oakley transitions lenses which are specifically for golf. The tint is......rose ? I find them to be excellant, particularly at dusk. If there was one weakness it is reading the line of the putts, but I think that is just me, I have very good eye sight and find that any lens hinders that.I think Oakley do prescription lenses too.

Hi Ian,I used to wear tinted glasses for golf - but I hated it because my perscription prevents full wraps. So I went and got some contacts instead. Now these made a mega difference - firstly i can pick and choose any sunglasses (Oakley - are favoured, I have 5 pairs), Secondly and possibly the most surprising is my putting improved because I can see the lines and breaks clearer - this is strange I know.so have a look at contact lenses - I have monthly disposables but I only need 6 pairs maximum a year so quite cheap!

Thanks for the advice guys.  Contacts are out because of eye damage in the past so I will talk to optitian about pink(ugh) tints.

Iantalk to Oakley first, there optics are supposed to be top notch, I doubt your local optician could do as good.oakley prescription

Hi Ian, not sure if it applies to prescription lenses but I have a pair of callaway glasses with Amber lenses. They are intended to offer better visuals in low light conditions so perhaps an Amber tint would do the job for you!?

Oakley do 2 golf specific lenses. G30 and G30 Black Iridium. Both have a rose-ish tint as Peng said, but there is a subtle difference between them. I have a pair with the Iridium lenses in and find them excellent when the light is hazy, or just that bit not bright enough for full tint lenses. Of course, you could wear them all the time without any issues. Their prescription range is also extensive, and just as good.

I have amber tinted sunglasses (as Jay Jay suggests) for golf. I cannot stand the colour variation for normal use though and my normal sunglasses for driving etc. are grey tint.

Costs aside, why not get a pair of Oakleys in a non wrap stylee with prescription lenses?

Many years ago, at a skiing show exhibition, I picked up a pair of Bloc Stoats with amber/orange lenses. They proved brilliant in low light for picking out the contours of the slopes.

I then tried them on the golf course and found they do the same with ball and green. Very comfortable and very cheap, priced at about 25 quid in most skiing/outdoor shops (although I got them for a tenner at the exhibition!!) and they are commonly found in the Halfords biking section.