Who has lost interest in golf for a period of time ?

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Who has lost interest in golf for a period of time ?

Cant believe I am saying this but for the last month I have lost interest in golf due to meeting a new woman.

I used to live eat and breath golf, but have played once in the last month!

Feel like all my practise over winter has gone to waste!

Playing sat hopefully, 

Has anyone here had near enough a month off golf and how did you find it affected your performance when returning ?

I had a period of about 6-7 weeks with no golf when I had my appendix out. When I started playing again my short game was pants.

I always lose interest in golf over the winter period. Its crap playing in the cold wet windy miserable weather over the winter period. Golf is a game one is supposed to enjoy.

Missed 2 1/2 months with fractured elbow 2 years ago - missed golf loads - played too early but enjoyed it. Now however I think I could take or leave it for the time being. Could be a lull in form or something else but not as fired up as I was. Hopefully just the winter doldrums being shaken off.

I am kind of hoping it will clear my head of all the swing thoughts and hopefully return with a nice natural swing... who knows 

I dont think i've ever lost interest but there have been times when i'm been not quite so motivated to play. Meeting a new woman will of course put a bit of perspective on things but once / if things settle down a bit i'm sure your interest in playing golf will increase again.

I lost interest about 2 yrs ago - kids growing up and doing their thing (football), work, and an acceptance that I wouldn't play to the standard I had done (let alone improve) without practice that my heart just wasn't into. So, instead of spending £700 a year and making a 40 mile round trip every Saturday I was free, I packed it in. And I don't miss it. That said, I played yesterday with a couple of mates (first game since christmas), and played ok - struck the ball well, but short game yardages were way off. I also lost interest after about 12 holes, which is how it was when I was playing regularly, so that wasn't unexpected. And I got some pars!

Might get back into it when the kids are older.

Yup. About two years ago...

Moved to Australia and lost interest for the best part of 6 months, found the heat to be a bit off putting. Slowly getting back into it

Winter golf for me is a past tense... I used to be a golf addict but now I can take it or leave it.. For me, i suck now and used to be ok so its always disappointing when I play.. as I know that I have it in me to play way better than i do

I lost interest once. Then I came to and was having a shower..

JimP Is Bobby Ewing!

i did last year, best thing i ever did, i was going backwards with more bits to my swing than a watch, its a billion times more simple now and better

A fortuitous thread as I was just about to ask the same question! I took a long break from golf (10 years or so) before returning with a vengence about 3 years ago. Worked really hard over the first winter to get my swing back to something approaching it's hayday and played as often as I could. Managed this for about 18 months and then new job pretty much killed it stone dead. Played 5 times in the last 16 months (including yesterday). As a result I managed to card a humiliating 26 points and then, even worse, had to pick up the team award as my three team mates (all playing off 20+) managed a rather ridiculous score of 95 points (best two scores for each hole). Much chuntering from the assembled masses and we slunk away into the dusk with promises of contributing to the prize fund next year. I don't think a month would bother me too much as I have never been that frequent a player - but after no golf for 6 months I am hurting today (going for the longest drives comp probably wasn't a good idea, although I was only beated by 4 ft)