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12/04/2012 at 18:16
1 - Having a laugh whilst going round the course
2 - Complimenting my shots, even when they're awful
3 - He brings the biscuits

1 - Slow putting making Ben Crane look like roadrunner
2 - Taking the game far too seriously
3 - Not sharing said biscuits
12/04/2012 at 18:39
Good Humour - Keep the Banta flowing.
Good Eye's - Let me know where the Flag and my ball is.
Nice pace of play


Slow Player
Someone who points out all the negatives before you shots - Look out for the Water, or OB( Not funny)
12/04/2012 at 19:25
the best

allways willing to have a laff.
offers advice when its deemed to be needed.
doesnt expect me to be a 10 under par merchant.

the worst

CHEATS,lose a ball in rough,OH IVE FOUND IT,or find there ball but pick it up to check giving them a better lie.
KNOWALLS or think they are.
12/04/2012 at 19:35
1. Plays nice and easy with a smile on their face.
2. Neat and well turned out.
3. Gives sound advice when things are going wrong.

1. Has to be off the course before you have started always in a rush and phone constantly in use.
2. Line up every shot as though the open was on it and takes 5minutes over every shot.
3. Tells you every shot they have done (poorly) even though you have been playing with them (but yesterday they birdied almost every hole!)
12/04/2012 at 19:43
A friendly welcome on the tee
graceful loser/winner
good company and banter

A sore loser
ignorance of basic rules bad etiquette
blames everyone or anything on a bad shot
12/04/2012 at 19:53

1. Good craic
2. Ready to play when it's thier turn
3. Respects the etiquete of the game


1. On the phone all the time
2. Never ready to play (probably because of No~1)
3. Mr Angry,listen pro's hit bad shots as well and your no pro!
12/04/2012 at 19:56


Good Company, easy going, and interesting.

Knows the game etiquette 

Helpful and honest.


Doesn't know or respect the game 

Grumpy over expectant

Just Plain rude, manners are free.

Oh and sorry to all those I have offered a tip... Just want to see you get more pleasure from the game  

12/04/2012 at 20:02


Banter- can give and take it.

Laid back manner

Does not mind my swearing


Always on the mobile

Gives advice constantly , when I don't ask for it.


12/04/2012 at 20:44
Good company regardless of how they are playing
Respectful to fellow players, the course, greens staff
Knowing when to give and accept advice

Slow players who don't know when to pick up
Those who give up half way through a round, disrupting everyone else's play
Making partners putt out small putts
12/04/2012 at 21:20

One guy springs to mind


welcoming new members into the swindle (me)
friendly and good company during the game
always hospitable in the bar after a round


standing over putts for an eternity
praises you on every shot - even the ones that end up in the water
does tend to inadvertantly stand on your line at times - a standing joke now though

12/04/2012 at 22:56


1 - Feels the pain when he loses, but still says well played.

2 - Is happy to put up with me as a partner.

3 - Likes a game of snooker after the golf.


1 - When catching up a group of women golfers, asks loudly "who's cooking the dinner"

2 - When waiting on the first tee while the group ahead scatters balls to the four corners, says " I can't stand this, we're coming through"

3 - Has squeaky trolley wheels.

12/04/2012 at 23:14
-competitive without irritating
-upbeat with good solid banter
-gives good advice without pretending to know it all

-leave halfway if having a bad round
-screams about bad shots, everyone has bad days
-finds excuses without accepting that it was just a bad shot...

12/04/2012 at 23:38
Good humour
can play without complaining when it rains

Someone who deliberately pulls out a 9 iron when they know you used a 7 for the same shot
Someone who always has to ring the bell on a blind hole and then rings it so it can be heard back at the clubhouse.
someone who uses stupid coloured balls. Blue?Pink?
13/04/2012 at 09:24
1. He has more jokes than Bob Monkhouse
2. A 'brisk' pre-shot routine
3. An appreciation for playing partners shots

1. He thinks he is Butch Harmon ' i know where you are going wrong!' arrrgh!
2. He thinks he is Ben Crane zzzzzzzz!
3. A lack of respect for fellow players or the course (loud swearing, club throwing, not repairing pitch marks- hanging offense)
13/04/2012 at 09:48
1. Realises your here to enjoy yourself
2. Doesnt talk about golf all day
3. Is well presented

Not alot to ask really is it

1. Thinks golf is there job and should be performance related beyond there means and highly stressful
2. Believes there knowledge of golf to be all encompassing and has no retraint in letting you all know the latest line from todays golfer.
3. Tardy, ill organised and poorly informed.
13/04/2012 at 12:52
Always knows it's only a game, happy just to be playing.
Has respect for the course and for other players.
A good conversationalist.

Vocally analyses his/her own shots/swing.
Gives unsolicited advice.
Doesnt appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.
13/04/2012 at 18:59
Good time keeping
The one who books the tee time every week
Totally random conversation

Late every week checking doors are locked on car!
Turns up with a new driver every week
The one that won't give you a inch!
13/04/2012 at 21:02

Easy, my big mate Gordon who has eyes like a hawk, is as calm as possible and a good conversationalist.

Worst is the dead serious person who gives unwanted advice and has a hole in his trouser pocket. (never loses a ball)

13/04/2012 at 22:37


1. Got to enjoy there company

2. Not a mardy ass when things dont go there way

3. Someone who doesnt mond helping you ut when things aint working for you.


1. sore loser

2. Ignorant to other golfers

3. Someone who thinks there something there not!

14/04/2012 at 09:42
Respectful (general etiquette, follows rules etc.)
Observant (follows groups ball flight if possible, knows what is going on around him)
Sociable (chatty when appropriate - walking between shots etc.)

Cheater (cannot count above 6, needs reminded & then HE throws toys out pram!)
Unsociable (announces on first tee he is here to play golf and needs silence the entire round so he can concentrate)
Poor etiquette (offers advice without knowing, has to be asked to stay still, mark ball etc. Not a bad person if learns but you need to tell him the same thing 6 times a round)
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