3 clubs and a putter

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3 clubs and a putter

I am playing in my first 3 clubs and a putter this Saturday.

What would you take ?

I was thinking 5 wood, 7 iron, PW and putter.

is it not usually 5 clubs?im playing a 5 club comp on saturday as well. 5 and a 1/4 its called. 5 clubs and a 1/4 bottle!

Well, if it is 3 clubs and a putter then for my course I would take

  • 3 wood (for the two long par 3's)
  • 7 iron (for pitch and runs and mid shots)
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Putter

Out of curiousity in a 5 club challenge, is it compulsory to take a putter or could you use, for example, a hybrid to take the putts?

i used to use my 1 iron in 5 club comps for putting.

Our Seniors played a 14 hole comp this year where you had to take out (i.e. nominate a club that you wouldn't use any more)a club for each hole, leaving you with just one club for the last hole. Quite a good concept although fiendishly strategic for the last few holes.

Pengwyn, I reckon you have got it right. We have a 3 clubs and putter trophy each year - which I won with 5w, 7i, PW + putter.It does depend on the weather. I would change that selection, if it was very windy, to 3 wood, 6 iron, 9 iron.

Depends on the course, how you hit each club and where the tees are. At my club I use  3w, 6i and 52* wedge + putter. We have some long carries from the tee, so, if the tees are right back, I would swap the 3w for the driver.

My club's 3+P is later this month. Sadly, Iwon't be able to play but I would take:

  • Driver - I hit it as consistently as anything, and a good start to a hole can't be underestimated.
  • Then a 27 degree hybrid cut down to the length of an 8-iron - dobbles it along a fair distance, gets it out eg from under trees, and a great chipping club. A genuine "utility"
  • And my gap wedge for all scoring situations and real rough.

The big question is, which putter?

Putter, Gapper, 7 Iron and Driver. Or maybe a 3 wood instead of the driver if the course is short and tight.  

I entered a "3 CLUB CHALLENGE" at my club once (please note that is singular).I took out a 1 iron, a 7 iron and a PW.I didn't do great, I didn't do sh!t but I was summarily DQ'd for "not using a putter!" by some officious little tw*t of a committee/games & handicap committee member.When I expressed I'd only used 3 clubs and as that was what it said on the tin..."EVERYONE *KNOWS* YOU SHOULD USE A PUTTER!!!""Er, well obviously not everyone and no one said anything on the 1st tee, or during my round for that matter?"Anyway the upshot was a torn up card thrown in tw*tty's face. That cost me a 3wk ban but was a source of great amusement to the club Sec - who could've bannished me!So take what you like, I don't care!!!P.S. FWIW I think your original line up pengwyn is spot-on.

Depends on the individual characteristics of your course. At my home club there are a number of par 3s which are around the 200 yard mark (just under or just above). So in theory i'd be better off to carry a club that hits it around 200yds for sure.  But then if i think about how i usually play these holes and how often i hit the green...So drop that idea...  I'd plump for my driver (big headed thing i'm as consistent with as my 3w and if you don't try and lash it, it's relatively controllable), 7 or 8 iron, and my SW (56 degree, which i use for pretty much all my short game shots). PS at our club these comps are always "x clubs AND a putter".  I queried once whether I could carry an extra club and use as a putter, and the answer came back no i had to carry a putter as they'd had some idiots before trying to putt with mid irons and hacking up the greens.

driver, 7 iron and swk

If you take anything less than a 9-iron you'd better hope you don't go in a bunker.Ever played a 1 club challenge? That's a laugh.

Played a no club challengeIt was a game of golf ruined by a long walk

I usually carry a 3 Hybrid, 8 Iron, Gap Wedge and putter. 

i'm playing a 3 club and a putter match next Monday and I am using7 wood, 7 iron, PW and putter

3 hybrid, 7 iron, PW and putter for me.

i would carry 19 degree rescue 8 iron and a 52 wedge.i often play one club for just 1 or 2 holes

3 clubs and a putter coming up end of the month. I'm toying with an MD 22 rescue, 7 iron, pitching wedge and putter.

Sue.   I am playing in first comp of 3 clubs and a putter next Tuesday as i have only been playing for a year this info has been very interesting. Thanks. i think i will be taking a driver to give me a good start, recue club, sand wedge and putter.