Bounce: Low Mid or High???

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Bounce: Low Mid or High???
Hello, I need some advice form you guys. I want to buy a Cleveland Lob and Sand Wedge but just don't know what bounce stands for and I found out that you can choose between Low, mid or high bounce. Thanks

low bounce for tight lies off fairwaysHigh bounce around 12* or more for soft fluffy sand and very wet/soft turf to stop the club digging in too far. On a standard set of clubs when supplied as 3-SW the normal SW bounce is around 8-10 to give you some idea.If your going for both a lob wedge and a sandwedge I would recommend getting high bounce in the SW and medium or low bounce in the lob wedge.The main factors that would decide it though is the type of course you play on. If you play where the fairways are very tight or bare then a low bounce wedge is a very good thing to have in the bag.

Is it the CG10 model you are looking at Fernando??

As JimP says it really depends on the course you are playing. On my home course I carry a low bounce SW due to the hard coarse sand, but will swap it for a high bounce when playing courses with soft fluffy sand. Opening up the club face will also increase the bounce, useful when playing a course with hard bare fairways and soft fluffy sand.

Yes Gereth the CG10 model is the one I am looking for.I think that maybe because they are newer tan the 900 and 580 models might work better.

Go onto the cleveland site and try their wedge selection system, i have three from the 900 series and they are superb!

Fernando bear in mind the CG10 is very soft indeed and dents/wears very easily. IMO go for a Titleist Vokey series.. they last well and are available in diff deg of bounce.Also if you are keen on opening the face for soft shots or cut chips, then maybe go for a wedge with relieved bounce near the hosel eg Tiger Woods signature series or Vokey Special Grind versions. A pro can advise and grind any wedge bounce down too if needed.

Fernando/Just puredI have a 52 degree 2 dot (low to medium bounce) Cleveland CG10. I would estimate it's bounce is in the 5-7 degree range, so pretty low and good for most uses, especially to "nip" the ball off the fairways. I have yet to use it out of sand or heavy rough and suspect you would need a higher loft and a 3 dot (medium to high) bounce CG10 for that use.The CG10 is very soft indeed and it does seem to mark up. I guess it's depends on the ball type and the quality of the contact made???? Can anything be donw about the odd mark/scratch maybe??I haven't used the Vokeys from Titlelist but I'm sure they are very good indeed, but Cleveland sure know their stuff too on wedges...Let me know if you have any other questions on the CG10 Fernando.