Di9 adjustments

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Di9 adjustments

Just a question...

I've recently purchased a set of Wilson Staff Di9's , graphite shaft, uniflex, wide tip and have sent them to Wilson for adjustment to 1* upright and  check the lofts.  When I played the first round with them, I had a problem with the lie as I am 6'1" and the lofts, well I just thought they needed a check.  But, then I went on the web and looked at the specs - found out the lie is about 1* flat from the factory and that was the problem.  Also, the pictures of the irons showed that somewhere along the way, some of them had a standard hosel and shaft instead of the short hosel and wide tip.  Anyone else seen this variant?  maybe an early model or one for another market. Just curious, because I had to return the clubs to Wilson because the short hosel/wide tip design is not adjustable in the field.  Hopefully this will fix the problem, but in the future, the cost of ownership is high on a set of irons that can only be adjusted in the maker's shop. 

On a second note, what has the coustomer service been like with Wilson in your experience?  

I have 2 deg flat on my irons and i am 6ft 1"They are MX100Had Di7 standard irons before that 

Different strokes for different folks.  I am told by the pro I have an upright stack and tilt swing (not by design or tutoring) so upright fits me better.  Also, I'm having the lofts made 1/2* weaker as I was not looking for distance as much as control.  I'm in my 64th year, but still able to swat the ball crisply, but the putting is problematic.