driver shaft breaking

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driver shaft breaking
Anyone had this happen to them ? With my new Ping G15 driver bought in October and I'd played 4 holes on my course - 2 of which where I took a driver and nice drives down the centre of the fairway. On the 6th hole I had another good drive with good distance but as I followed through the shaft of the driver broke in 2 and the head end dropped off on the ground. One of the group said 'bloody hell' - another thinking ' yes what a good drive ! I could'nt believe how the drive went A: straight and B: so long. A clean break about 9" from the head. the bloke in the pro-shop reckoned maybe where the kick-point was? whatever....... definately the most bizarre thing thats happened to me

Did you buy your Ping From Ting Tong?

Happened to me last year in an open competition. Although the fact my thigh during an upward motion, came into contact with the shaft traveling in a downward motion may have had something to do with it. Not intentional (honest as was my most expensive moment of madness in golf) but regrettable!

I threw my Callaway driver at my bag once and it snapped. We laughed.

MY callaway FT-i snapped getting it out of the back of my vehicle, The replacement shaft snapped when i put my bag across the back seat that cost me £85 to replace the shaft, in the mean time I bought an FT-IQ from a link in a golfmagic forum to an American site WWW .discountgolfclubs .com turned out to be based in Chong Qing CHINA.....not a very clever buy so swapped it for another FT-i.So I now have two FT-Is...........probably break my putter next time. 

I hit a guys 1 iron, which he KNEW to be a fake but was happy about the deal anyway.Asked me to hit it as far as I could up the last, so I did club broke into 3 nice even sized bitsStrangely his face crumpled too