Extreme loft wedges - chipping

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Extreme loft wedges - chipping

I often find myself having to carry a bunker or other obstacle to a tight pin position and even though I can chip well with my 60 deg wedge I am still getting too much roll on landing.

I know that (a) I should hit more greens and (b) I could play some risky flop-shot type thingy, but what I wondered was...

If I chipped with an extreme loft wedge, say 64 deg, or even the 73 degree feel golf one, would I get a faster stopping ball? My gut feeling is that it would work for me and as I never use my lob wedge for sand or full shots it would be a straight swap in the bag.

Just wondered if anyone uses or has tried this technique. A decent wedge of this type is quite expensive and I could do with some advice. I suppose I could also buy a cheapo dunlop style one and have it bent more if necc.

Thanks in advance.

Chris - IMO the 60* is plenty of loft but, there are some pins that you just can't get at and you have to be content with 10ft past for example.I'd spend some time experimenting with different shots with the 60* you already have. The lie etc obviously dictates what sort of shot you can/ can't play and gives you an idea of what result to expect as a best case scenario.One technique I've found useful when needing a little lofted shot which is too close to spin is as follows: Set up as normal with the 60* have the shaft pointing vertically. Grip very lightly and swing a little slower and longer than you would normally not conciously trying to accelerate the clubhead through the ball. The ball will tend to pop up and feel "dead" off the clubface with little forward momentum.If done correctly it will land where you want it like a wet tea bagI think the 64* and any more loft are novelty clubs that you get little use from, a bit like putting a left handed club in your bag just in case you go up against a tree!

A pro friend of mine was laughing at me about a 64 degree wedge... demonstrated that he can pop the ball up high and land stone dead 4-5 meters in front of him with a 60 degree wedge... and he try the same shot with the 64 degree wedge.. he manage to pop the ball straight up and we have to move so the ball doesn't come down on us.... practice with your 60 degree wedge...

pah - 60 and 64 degree wedges? They're the 5 and 6 irons of the world of wedges. You need one of these special little babies! extreme loft wedge I assume it comes with a user safety warning along the lines of "this club could cause a ball to go straight up your left nostril"

Are they the ugliest clubs ever??5 shots better with the 80* wedge & 10 shots better with that driver!! My new handicap will be +11!! Beat that Tiger Woods/ Rory McIlroy

lovin the sand wedge!!!!!!!!!!!  do the rules allow you to have holes in the club face?  sand aint that hard to get out of i cant see  why you would have to resort to that!

I'm talking about using it for a chipping stroke not a pitching stroke. By that I mean; club delofted somewat, ball back in stance. I can't see that such a stroke would cause the ball to shoot up (even my rather long) nose.Chipping is basically what I use my lob wedge for, I just want a higher carry to roll percentage than I get at the moment. I don't trust it for full shots as I have a tendency to hit the ball fat now and then, whereas my chipping stroke is reliable.Take the point about practicing but mastering the flop shot with a lob wedge is difficult and needs just the right lie to pull off, so even with the skill it is a more risky shot than the chip.

Robo - get yourself one of the drivers with the (I suspect) highly illegal elliptical shaft and a few highly illegal holes in the face for improved speed or even the 600cc version and I reckon you'd be looking at +14 or better!!!  Not to mention the irons, and putters!!!

Pasty, good points I had not considered. I am using Ttliest pts solo or maxfli noodles at the moment, basically a decent distance ball as I have only been playing for 18 months and my handicap is 19. As for the better balls, I don't like the way ProV1's come off my driver. The guy I'm having lessons from agrees that I should stick to these balls for the moment till I get my full swing a bit more in order.My wedge is Mizuno mx series 60 degree lob with 6 degrees bounce angle and forged rather than milled grooves.Still would like to try out one of these extreme wedges to see how they chip!

Chris Rice wrote (see)

I'm talking about using it for a chipping stroke not a pitching stroke. By that I mean; club delofted somewat, ball back in stance. I can't see that such a stroke would cause the ball to shoot up (even my rather long) nose.

I'd say that will be a problem with the ball running out Chris. Even if you go with a 64* (or the 80*) if you aren't presenting that loft back at impact then it will go out lower and run on.Try to get the thought of the "Mickelson flop" out of your head, it's a difficult, high risk shot to pull off even out of ggod lies. Try to move the ball up a touch to the middle of a narrow, open stance and bring the shaft back so that it is more vertical rather than pointing towards the target. Then just swing as normal.

Proper golf ball as Pasty mentioned is crucial. Other considerations are you can open the face of the club and get a higher effective loft as well. Plus, too many times, people turn the wedge over, this is bad if you want immediate drop and stop...keep the edge of the sole pointing towards the target till after impact will amplify back spin.

IMO 56 degree is enough for most shots. If i need to pop the ball up quickly i play it like a mini pitch shot. Hinge my wrists then turn through the shot with the wrist angle maintained. Thats probably not a technically good way too play it but it works great for me. I can throw the ball up 15feet and have it only travel 15 feet also.

Thanks lads, looks like you've talked me out of it. Will try Robo's tip to see if that will work for me.Now, what about that sand wedge with the holes in the face, that looks interesting.....

i have had a 60* wedge (vokey) for two years now and have practiced every concevable shot over obstacles to stop and drop. I picked up a 54* vokey three weeks ago and for some reason have found that i can create loads of spin with it,more in fact than the 60*The ball does help considerably, when i am practicing from say 100-120 yards i tend to use whatever is in the practice ball bag, as i am looking at technique and distance, but when i am in the 40yard range i use pro v1 pratice ball as that is what i use when playing and those are the shots that save me so often!!!Chris i note your playing of 19 after 18 months playing golf, i would take the advice above and if you can get it within 10 feet then you are doing realy well!!!!

I have a 72 deg Feel wedge.I loved it so much that I used it as a practice club on my new shaft puller.