Grafalloy Prolaunch Red Shaft

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Grafalloy Prolaunch Red Shaft

How does the stiffness compare to a regular steel in respect of irons?

I have seen on Creosote's thread that the graffaloy blue may be slightly softer than the equivelent steel.

However i have also seen posts that the graffaloy blue plays one flex stiffer than you would expect from the stated flex.

Does anyone know if there are their any irons that i would be able to try at American golf or nevada bobs with this same shaft?

The Grafalloy Blue shaft (original all blue shaft) is as described - firmer than a normal regular shaft and tip stiff. Grafalloy then made the Blue ProLaunch (blue and white shaft) - nearer to a regular shaft in flex and with a softer tip for a higher launch. The new ProLaunch Red (red and white shaft) is a low trajectory version of the Blue ProLaunch.

Never seen  PL red in iron shafts ? but tried it in a driver. Its a very hard feeling shaft with little feel and even less than Graff Blue IMO. Similar to Diamana Blueboard. If you hit the ball too high with a balooning flight give it a go in reg flex perhaps. THese type of shafts are very sensitive to the type of head they are fitted in, so demo on a range with some REAL balls (pick up) , so you can see actual ball flight before you commit.

I tend to hit a high ball with a driver, so tried a Mizuno MX600 with a Prolaunch Red stiff at a recent demo day.When it went miles, but I felt like I got no help at all from the shaft. It was *very* stiff and I had to really work at turning my hands over, just to keep it from slicing!At an even more recent Ping demo day, I tried the same shaft in a Ping G10 and whilst a bit more forgiving than the MX600 (down to the head I suspect), it was still a bit of a beast to keep straight.I suspect you need to consistent 105+ mph driver swing to get the best out of it

I have the grafalloy prolaunch red in my sumo2 sasquatch drver and it is a revalation! I must state that I have little or no 'feeling' for the golf ball on the end of the club but I do know that it has changed my incredibly high ball flight to a much nicer, flatter more penetrating ball flight. JC - Interesting that you mention the slice, I have developped a slice since I have started using the shaft - I will work on turning the hands over more! (I have been closing the face of the driver a little, which has actually sorted it quite well!). Any exercises I can do to practice that?TaBB

All grafalloy shafts (but especially the blue) do tend to play stiffer than stated flex, even the prolaunch blue, but then because it's high launch and soft tip, most people get away with it.I'm normally a stiff shaft player (trying hard to avoid unintentional pun) but I've hit the PL red reg (in a Ping G10) and thought it was more than stiff enough. I disagree that it's got no feel, but it's not my favourite. The Aldila NV (old-school now I know) gives a similar flight but with more feedback and it's easier to use.

Thanks guys, Spine & Flow - its the new Adams A3 irons that have the shaft in them.