Graphite shafts

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Graphite shafts
Can someone please explain the advantages and disadvantages, if there are any, of graphite shafts. I notice that a lot of golf sets come with steel irons and graphite woods, why?

Metal shafts in irons are usually more consistent throughout the set of irons and alsao are cheaper to get hold of and then sell on to the customer. Graphite in Woods is primarily desingned for easier hitting and longer shots, but it is more expensive generally. The lightness of the shaft adds weight to the head, therefore making it heavier when you swing the club throught the ball...heavier=faster swing speed through impact and longer distance. You can get graphite shafted irons, but they are more expensive and prone to breaking...if you are thinking of buying a graphite shafted iron, beware of the cheap imitations, tehy have more glue than graphite in them!

Also the shafts don't bend permanently when you slam the driver into the ground on the first tee in a medal.

Quite! A Valid point Alan...but have you seen how a graphite shaft breaks when you slam it into the ground? It is bloody lethal!

Has anybody got any suggestions,my fiancee plays Yonex ADX200 woods and irons ,with ladies ultra light shafts,she hits the ball ok but lacks distance,but if she uses my clubs especially woods,which are MIZUNO T-ZOID with regular shaft,she gets approx 30/40 yards more distance.
Do you think that she should have stiffer shafts in her irons,or change to a different model(YONEX)with a stiffer shaft?.

Clive - if she'd as accurate with your clubs too, maybe you should do the honourable thing? However, from what Martin said above, it seems that with the ultra light shafts the head weight should be greater, generating speed, giving greater distance?