11/08/2011 at 02:06

I had been reading with interest all the hype about this Harrison Shotmaker on a US Forum for a while and how it suddenly seems to transform you into the straightest & most consistant driver of a golf ball etc etc. Now because there was so much positive feedback on it and i am possibly the second worst driver of a golf ball behind Tiger  and had a mate in the US coming over i got him to pick one up for me. Well, i installed the thing, which is a very simple procedure and bang!!! Biggest slice off the first tee ive ever hit, pretty sure this was because i thought i could just stand there and rip it seeing as i was taken in by all the hype. So be warned, you still have to make a very good swing. As i proceeded to go round the course and calmed down with my swing i did hit some decent drives and some not so decent drives.....................Basically i did not feel it gave me anything extra ie. hit more fairways, perhaps if you are a decent hitter and looking for a little more consistancy off the tee then this could be for you but at the moment jury still out for me.

BTW i have the 'F' insert and and seemed to fit my swing speed going by the chart but maybe i did get the wrong one.

I see Gamola have starting to sell them in the UK and not as cheap as what i got mine for so another negative.

Next stop might be a Nunchek.....................the search continues to find that illusive fairway. Yes had a million lessons and can hit it straight all day on the range, maybe need to do a Westwood and see a shrink.

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11/08/2011 at 07:41

I've read about it too and am sceptical. The thing is I don't understand what it actually is and what it is supposed to do. This despite reading the blurb, including that on the Gamola site.

Snake oil?

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