Have you got soft or hard balls

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Have you got soft or hard balls
I like using the Srixon soft feel balls as I do like the feel on the club face. However, two weekends ago I noticed that I was leaving my putts way short of the hole and I decided that a harder ball was required. Last weekend played with the Titleist NXT and low and behold most of my putts got closer or past the hole. Was this down to the ball or was I justing hitting it harder? I think it was the ball and will continue using harder balls through the cold months. Anyone else noticed this with their putting?

Found the same thing. Occassionaly when the course is very clear I'll play two balls side by side to evaluate them.Tried the Nike One vs ProV1. Nike One felt harder from driver to putter. But gave me more driving distance (approx' 5 metres). And for a given putting stroke (swing/force) would go a good metre further on a 5-10 metre putt.I actually play softer low-compression balls when it's very cold to retain feel, especially on putting.

AW, Shame we can't play the softer ball from tee to green adn then change to harder for putting, if only...


strange thing happened. I normally plav prov1 when in comp mode or serious mode. bought some srixon softfeel just to get me through the winter whilst having lessons etc. what i have noticed though is although im playing like a (be carefull here cos tiger slipped up) like a tw@t, these balls are as long as the pro v1 in winter months. putting wise id say cos your short one week you may have componsated next time you played. good tip in winter, if break is subtle, always aim within the hole.

harldy: Did you see the balls feature in last months Today's Golfer?The Srixon Soft Feel spins less off the driver face yet gives more spin from a pitching wedge than the ProV1. They were slightly shorter (5yds)though.They are half the price too!I bought some last week,

ProV1x: if you change your pseudo to Soft Feel, be prepared for some abuse.....


AndrewI'm glad that my wife isn't really interested in golf otherwise I'd get some serious stick for preferring soft balls to hard!I'm not surprised that Birdie Boy is off 18. I would bet that if he changed to a soft(er) ball his CONTROL would vastly improve-and particularly his chipping and PUTTING-and also his handicap! I'm sure that he would also enjoy and appreciate the FEEL off the clubface.

I think that one of the biggest things that many golfers fail to realise is that not all balls travel the same distance with the same putting stroke. There is even a variation between the proV1 and the proV1x.One of the reasons I change balls in winter is to use one that tends to roll a bit more, to allow for the slower greens.You do not have to sacrifice spin to get a bll that rols more either eg I have noticed that Callaway HX tour putts 'faster' than a proV1.


Jimp, would it not make better sense to have an insert putter with changeable inserts hard and soft(like my Fisher Touch blade)which would mean that you would be able to play the same ball of choice all the time?

I'd take any review by Todays golfer with a huge pinch of salt (half a kilo infact).Srixon soft feel are good dont get me wrong, but more spin from a pw, they are talking brown stuff (tenners in the back pocket)This month in the top rated balls items the Nike ball (sold for the last donkey year) has suddenly been improved and now tops the page, the srixon urls are now better than Pro-v too, it's all about money mate.Don't read about it play them and you can tell the difference.


I just have to disagree somewhat with your cynicism,Trev. As you may have discovered from reading my posts I am extremely critical of CLUB reviews and comparisons but much less so on the ball review.Srixon are a TOP QUALITY club AND BALL manufacturer and Jim Furyk and now Henrik Stenson would hardly be Srixon staff players if they did not rate the products very highly. The Srixon URS is NOT claimed to be better in the TG Review than the ProV1 but AS GOOD. I have tried both balls and I prefer the Srixon.The Pro TG brought along liked the Nike very much but NEVER SAID IT WAS THE BEST-just that HE would use it! I have used it and I cant compress it enough to get the best out of it.It is as hard or harder for ME than the ProV1x.The problem with testing like this is very little to do with money in the back pocket IMO but however good the testing system in the end it really comes down to individual FEEL and performance for each golfer.After all it's only a good GUIDE to match up certain golfers with a number of golf balls which might suit their strength,swing speeds and the FEEL they require from a ball.

BoanergesI also change putters from summer to winter. I use soft balls and prefer non insert putters anyway.My winter putter has been with me for around 18 years (Slotline Inertia) and I have an identical one for summer with some of the lead weighting drilled out to make it lighter for faster greens. (I have, however, been trying out a differnt make for the past couple of years though as the newer one (Never Compromise) is slightly better at staying square to the line)I would add that the ball I use in winter costs 50p each and the balls I use in summer

Do a little test yourself, get your mate (or slave) to place an unidentified ball for you too hit and without looking at it tell him if it's soft or hard cheap or expensive, you'll be amazed how hard it is to get it right especially if you wear ear plugs so you can't hear the noise!!

I take it all back.Played yesterday with the Srixon Soft Feel and it was like playing with one of those ultra light black and white kids footballs. The harder I hit it the less distance it went.I screamed 3 drives and lost about 30 yds on my normal shot. When I changed back to a ProV1 it was ok.So, don't have to change my name to Ol' Soft Balls after all!

ProV1xI agree with you about that aspect of cheapy 'spin' balls. Genreally they are two poiece balls so are some what of compromise between distance and spin. The more expensive balls are three or four piece and get the spin from the cover slipping over the mantle. They maintain the driver distance because there is no spin as the cover does not spin around the mantle with the straight faced clubs.When Topflite first introduced this with the Strata it signalled a major revolution in golf ball design.For those interested in golf ball design the bottom half of this article is very goodhttp://www.informit.com/articles/article.asp?p=102619&rl=1