Having trouble with your driver? Get more loft!!!

07/07/2007 at 23:16
How about using a low loft, low spin, low ball flight driver for those hard summer fairways. Gives a load of 'run-out'. And use a high loft, good distance driver for those soft, wet winter fairways where the ball stops where it lands. Just a thought.
08/07/2007 at 00:24
Idiot, :O)

08/07/2007 at 11:28
I had a 10 degree Big Bertha before and I just couldn't hit consistantly with it.

SO I tried a 12 degree Ben Sayers offset driver to see if I'd notice an difference and for the first few rounds it was brilliant - straight every time. But then I started pulling it really badly.

So I got a MD Golf Ti460 EQL 12 degree driver and have to say it's fantastic. And I can hit it longer than any driver i've had before. I can still slice it though but only when I get sloppy.
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