Lightweight Carry Bag with 6 inch stand.

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Lightweight Carry Bag with 6 inch stand.


I can't seem to find a lightweight carry bag that can hold a full set of clubs which has a 6 inch stand to keep the bag off the ground.

Any help appreciated.



Is this the sort of thing you are after?  Golf bag

Yes Greengrass that's right thanks. Does anyone know if it will hold 12 clubs easily enough?

I used to use the Mizuno Scratch Sac which is a similar product without the stand. More recently i have converted to a Mizuno Aerolite Micro which is 6" wide at the top and has a structured main body alongside a traditional stand. This bag weighs 3lb and is very light. It holds 12 clubs nicely (as thats what i have in mine...don't need the driver. that stays at home!) and i know it could fit the extra couple; it would just be a little tight. If you get a chance pop into your local store and see if they have one in there. Check it out and see what you think to it as its a brilliant bit of kit and could possibly suit your needs. Mine weighs only a small amount more than the scratch sac did. It can be picked up for £45 inc postage too from 4golfonline or direct golf if you ask them to price match

Thanks for your reply matj16. I have looked at both websites but they don't appear to be exactly the same bag. The Direct Golf one looks better quality and I would imagine they wouldn't price match with the 4golfonline one?

They will Price match 4golfonline. I had them do it for me. So that's not an issue Personally i have never used 4golfonline but a few people (including direct golf) have said they are a legitimate company and there is nothing wrong with them (this shocked me...why compliment a competitor?...i didn't really see the logic in it personally!) Both Mizuno Aerolites should be the same bag however for the same reason as you have just mentioned i got Direct Golf to price match and paid £1 extra for the peice of mind (they told me they couldnt beat the price as the price was too good so offered £44.99 delivered. 4golf ends up 43.99 with delivery) Hope that helps. If you want pictures of mine then im happy to email them over. Don't publish your email on here though or else you will be violented spammed regarding porn and viagra (its not the websites fault mind, Golf Magic can't stop that from happening). Send me a PM if you would like some and post here to say you have (then ill get an email to my personal account telling me you have replied)

PM sent.

Adey, i remember people using those back in the dark ages way before stand bags were the norm. Why on earth would you want one when almost every carry bag has a good stand on it nowadays?

They are still very useful for light rounds. Playing half a set etc is pointless with a full stand bag. All that bulk for a small amount of gear.

Normal 'Sunday' bags get soaked or coated in mud on the bottom. For a light round after work/ twilight rounds etc the small stand is a life don't need to clean the bag when you get home.

Its all down to personal preference depending on the situation

matj16 wrote (see)

Playing half a set etc is pointless with a full stand bag. All that bulk for a small amount of gear. For a light round after work/ twilight rounds etc the small stand is a life saver...

Can't agree with any of that. They're like something out the dark ages.   Why would you not just carry a normal stand bag and a half set of clubs, today's bags are light and not bulky.

I have a titleist mini carry bag, no stand, just use it for the range. For any golf I just carry my normal bag, light enough and have the full set available to use. I would be looking at the Mizuno aerolite micro if I were you. Bit more money, but fits the bill perfectly.

They may be 'light' but the problem is that they are bulky. I'm a student and do not own a glorious land rover with all the space in the world. I own a pair of trainers and a perfectly working set of feet.

Do I really want the hassle of taking a complete stand bag to the golf course for 8 golf clubs? No I don't. Both the small stand and micro bags are much better for this.

Likewise I travel a lot. Up north to visit the fianc??'s parents, down south to see my own. In both places I have friends which I always have a round with when I visit. Try getting a full stand bag on a train and finding somewhere to put it.

Why bother carrying additional weight if you don't have too? I own a stand bag and a micro stand bag. Previously I also owned a scratch sac. There is a noticeable difference between carrying my full size stand bag and carrying the micro. I'm not going to carry additional weight when I don't have too. It's stupid to do so and will eventually lead to health problems later in life.

As I've already said it all relates to preference and personal circumstances. These products suit our preferences. That's why companies make them; because there is a market for them. If they were as useless as you put forward there would be no market for them.

If you have not bought it already why not just add a detachable aluminium stand to your light weight bag (assuming you can still buy one).

Breaking News for matj16: You do not need a LandRover to carry round a lightweight, normal carry bag with an integral stand, neither will you develop health problems later in life by using one to carry round half a set of clubs. As for having a market for the eyesores with a tiny stand attached to the top, well to be honest I haven't seen one for about 20 years so I don't think there is much of a market - cheifly because stand bags already exist!! (I assume that counts for breaking news then? Partly because you didn't know but also because it actually provides some information about something. What most people term 'news')

From the same website your currently posting on. With a few important individuals involved for good measure.

You may not need a land rover. That's something called 'exaggeration' please don't tell me you need a link to a dictionary for that too.

I currently play at 2 golf clubs. One is a pitch and putt the other a full course. At the pitch and putt the Sunday bags are very frequently used and quite a few people have the small stand version. They are ideal for times when your squeezing in some practice in between studies or work.

At the full course the micro stand bags are popular. Failing that most others use trolleys. I don't see many people carrying full stand bags that often simply because they don't need too. I've also lost count at the amount of people I get chatting too because they are interested in mine.

You might just be able to squeeze this into your Land Rover, AND avoid looking like a dork on the "full size" golf course...  

Much smaller and lighter than that HERE

Hi Guys, I wanted a small, lightweight bag for my 11 year old son (and I) for when we travel to Spain in February. My son has now out grown his first junior golf bag and last year we struggled to fit both our bags in one Travel Golf Bag to go in the Hold. For the record, I usually carry a normal carry bag with stand and have done so for years but as I need to fit two bags in next time I was on the look out for a smaller bag/bags with stand. I really liked the look of the Mizune Aerolite that Matj16 has and many thanks Matj16 for your help in this matter........very kind of you to advise. However, I popped down to American Golf at lunchtime and bought two Fazer lightweight stand bags (reduced from £40 down to £30 each) as I had a gift card to use up. Perfect for what I need. I'm loathed to buy extra golf bags but I am sure they will come in handy from time to time and for that price it was too good to miss.    

Nice. I had a Fazer golf travel bag.   Don't know anything about the brand but the bag was faultless. Glad you managed to find a more modern version of what you were after, those old ones with the 6 inch stand must be a nightmare to bend down and pick up every time.   Did they throw in a Land Rover ?

Mizuno lightweight gear is both the best looking and most functional. I use the aerolite's a perfect bag for the purpose.

A big issue I have with titliest is that their bags are made by sun mountain with small variations and a new badge. Annoys the hell out of me...although I know it's not the case you can't help but feel ripped off.

Btw the mizuno also fits in chinooks as well. Just in case an aeroplane is too mainstream.

matj16 wrote (see)

A big issue I have with titliest is that their bags are made by sun mountain with small variations and a new badge. Annoys the hell out of me...although I know it's not the case you can't help but feel ripped off.

Why would you feel ripped off? Sun Mountain are up there with the best golf bag manufacturers. Surely that is a perfect reason to buy a Titleist bag, knowing who it's made by?

Fazer gear is supposed to be rather good. I know nothing about the clubs etc but as a general rule I've never heard any complaints about their apparel. Which I see quite a few of the younger players (20ish) playing with mid week.

And if the problem has been solved for ??60 rather than 80+ then all the better.

Where do you shop Lou? If their throwing in damn land rovers ill pay them a visit!

If you have to buy a full stand bag or one that weighs double then I think I'll pass though...