New Putter !!!

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New Putter !!!

Well new to me. Off e-bay. It's one I've been chasing this type for a while. I've even asked on here, but no one knew what it was. I've found it on e-bay!!! It will be with me in a few days, all being well. I hope it works as well as I remember.   

Well, what type is it man!!!! and piccies please

I've not got it yet. I only won it last night. It's a ggeruqeic c 0e0wec, muffled muffled, ahem ahem.

And I can't post the e-bay link either.

Its not the one I was outbid on by a couple of quid was it ??? black grip and headcover

It's a Wilson sfvgeeg , mumf mumf, cough cough. ahem ahem,

Got it on Saturday, actaully came on Friday, very quick delivery. It behaved very nicely on Sunday morning.  Yes I know it's new to me and will be trying to prove to it's worth to it's new owner. Good signs so far. What is it? A Wilson 8876 Luxe.

No comments then? I've got away with that then.

That`s a Ladies putter isn`t it? Is wifey playing again?

Aaaaaaahhhhh and there it is. Yes it is and no she's not, well on a regular basis. If the weather up here holds then I gonna try and get here to play this Sunday / Monday. (See e bay thread)

Had to google it Cf. It looks a nice putter though. When you say "up here", where?, I`m in Altrincham, so i`m also "up here"

Many years ago,I found the secret to good putting.  Leave the price tag on the putter.  Tape over the tag so it won't fall off!  If you leave the price tag on, the putter will think you are just trying it out and behave.  When the price tag is off, the putter knows you own it.  That is when it starts misbehaving!!!

^^^^ Like it Mike

I'm in Macclesfield BB!    That close enough for us to get together.  Where do you play?

Oh yeah Mike good plan. This "new" one of mine has still got the stickers on. I think I'll leave 'em on now, and see if that helps.

Aren't ladies putters just a bit heavier than the fellas?

I like my blokes one.

Crazyface wrote (see)

I'm in Macclesfield BB!    That close enough for us to get together.  Where do you play?

I play at Sale mate, we will have to sort something out sometime.

Yup! I've been meaning to sort a game out at Sale. That would be great !!

I didn't even know there were specific mens and womens putters, why would there need to be a difference?? I can see the need for other clubs but not putters.

Same reasons as for other clubs, length, weight and grip colour.

I thought women play with 14 woods in their bag

Yeah no problem Cf, It`ll probably be a Sunday though, if that`s OK?

Sundays are good for me. I'm not here this Sunday tho'.  Keep in touch and we'll get something sorted soon.