Power Bug Sport X

Electric Golf Trolley

Hi Guys,

My lovely wife just bought one of these for me as a Birthday treat, looks awesome and seems to be a really well put together piece of kit.


Anyone have any experience of them?

No - but a guy I work with is keen to know how good they are, so will be interested to know how it lasts.

Took it out for a spin last night, seems pretty nice..absolutely silent when running and powerful enough to climb the steepest inclines at my home course.Was the 1st time I'd used a leccy trolley so was a bit odd at first but definately the way to go for 36 hole outings, i certainly got the feeling I was hitting better shots and more relaxed without having to lug the bag around myself!

The Power Bug is a great product! I purchased mine direct from the Power Bug people who were really helpfull and delivered the product NEXT DAY. I am really pleased with my purchase and after six months and using it around 3 times a week, its in 1st class condition and goes as good as new. My fellow golfers are starting to buy thia brand and at the price there is really no comtetition. I notice that even the big boys of golf carts are stariting to copy the Power Bug!! Says something.

Comes out of the same Chinese factory as the Motocaddy, new Hill Billy and another I forget the name of. Just comes down to motor wattage and handle configuration. Motocaddy is 200w, and the S1 has dual potentiometer control (speed control knobs) and seperate on/off rocker switch.

I've had my powerbug sport for over 2 years and has been great. I got a 2nd 18hole battery rather than a 36hole option as though it was better for two rounds as each battery has more chance to discharge each time.Dave at Wizza has been excellent - first trolly I got veered very slightly off line - he collected from Edinburgh and replaced without charge or difficulty. And, in September last year the axial  sheered at the end of a 2 day golf trip in the Highlands where the 2nd course had rubble paths throughout the course (which I probably in hindsight should have avoided walking on) and I think caused excessive damage - but again was replaced free from Wizza considering it was now 18months old. So avoid really bumpy paths.Easily handles my home course of Swanston (if you know it) in Edinburgh - so it can handle anywhere!

Motocaddy also had axle shearing problems with their early S1's, again sorted FOC for me.

Kieron Watson wrote (see)

<a href="http://www.golfmagic.com/localiser/member.asp?sp=&v=1&MemNo=70281" title="Visit Paul Kemp member profile">Paul Kemp</a> one post and it is saying how good a product is. Strange could this be someone employed by them maybe getting product knowledge up I think so but sorry if im wrong!

It may be, but who knows. As this is almost identical to the Motocaddy I have, I would agree it's a quiet trolley (even with the more powerful motor Motocaddy have), however the price claim is tosh. They are very similar, and in fact the S1 with  normal 18 hole battery is quite a bit cheaper.

Costco in Edinburgh have the Powerbug Sport X with the 36 hole battery for just under £207 at the moment.I regulary play with  Topslicehookpullsh**k and know that his trolley has been used & abused regulary and it was due to his experiences and the price that made me buy one last Friday.

Is that the Costco down next to Ikea?

I've got a Sports X and the trolley is basically OK - But, I don't like the handle/potentiometer configuration, The pre-set controller needs constant adjustments allowing for the variations of the gound along your route. A quite uneccessary option I think, and very fiddley. Also when marking your score card it is quite easy and potentially dangerous to press the 'start' button positioned on the top of the handle!Can they be modified to take a different handle/controller? anyone know?

^^^ What instructions? You just turn the button to go, and turn it again to stop.

With mine you just push the button to go and again to stop. You can regulate the speed ( power) via the twist control but that's about it. Can't think of what other instructions you would require??

many thanks thats all i needed to no.thanks

I purchased a used power bug sport x from ebay (looks a year or so old), on the control handle theres two light indicators one for the battery (which is lit green), the other is a circle with a cross through it which is lit red.Does anyone know what this indicator/light is for???Cheers

Cheers Mike B that was spot on mate, helped alot.

Bought 1 today from costco MK £220ish including vat. Had a look on Powerbug.co.uk and it looks like they are selling it for £319? go figer.Really lookin forward to taking it out for a spin.