ProRider Electric Trolley

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ProRider Electric Trolley
Thinking of purchasing an electric trolley from ProRider Mobility in Leicester. Does anyone have any knowledge/first hand experience of this product. Very keenly priced at £189 with many extras.

perchance spam?If not, please feel free to update your profile, otherwise more of us may question this.Looks okay, but I'd want to see some reviews before parting with cash (not that I would as I've got a GoKart)... and can't find any anywhere online.

Sorry, certainly not spam I can assure you. I'm just new to these forums and was looking to see if anyone had some first hand experience of this trolley. Looks a good spec on the website but I can't find any reviews, so was looking for some help.

Apologies for not knowing the etiquette of these forums. I've now posted a 'new to the forum' message which will let you see my background and reasons for being on the forum. Hope to participate in healthy discussion.

I bought a Powerbug last week and looking through here I see they are one of the partner sites.Paid £180 after I convinced the missus that now I'm over 40 I really should have a electric trolley . For that money you get an ex demo model. Mine arrived and the only sign of wear was on the speed dial and that was minimal.Played at Surrey National on Wednesday and used it, was a little apprehensive re the battery life as its an ex demo but no problems lasting the 18 holes. Course was very wet as well but impressed with how the trolley performed (more so than my own performance  )

Hi Ronnie,Sorry for doubting you! Welcome to the forum.It does look like a good deal, but then so did London Bridge when some Americans were offered it! I've got a GoKart, and whilst not as cheap as the trolley you mentioned, they consistently get great write-ups. However, they're not to everyone's taste), so I'm certainly not going to turn this into another GoKart thread. Only downside of the Pro Rider is that from pics on the web, it appears quite large when folded, and looks a bit plastic-y on the handle and scorecard holder section.