Regular of Senior Flex Shafts?

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Regular of Senior Flex Shafts?

Hi Folks:

I'm New to this wonderful forum. Thought I'd take advantage of your collective expertise and ask your advice regarding Regular vs. Senior Flex Shafts.

I am an "older" player (mid-late fifties) and a 17.8 handicap with a swing speed of 85-90 MPH with driver.

FYI: I hit driver average of 200-210 yards and use a 5 iron on shots of 150 yards.

I'm being tempted by a new hybrid iron set and was wondering if perhaps I might be better served with a senior shaft rather than my customary regular flex shaft as I have been told that I'm somewhere on the cusp between the two.


Your thoughts and experiences are greatly anticipated and appreciated.

I converted to senior shafts some five years ago & found this to be a great adantage. I am 66 years old & find i can just swing normal & exceed your distances without any extra effort. My advice would be give them a try, you never know. Good luck.


My advice would be to go and try teh same head in different shafts side by side and then make up your mind.

Although I am a senior and use senior shafts, I have to agree with True Blue. You should consider being fitted or at least try the same club with both shafts.

Thanks to all  for sharing your advise and experience. Here's what I've decided to do moving forward. I've purchased the 3hybrid with senior shaft of the set I'm eyeballing and can now give it a full try out on the course where it matters. Frankly , I'm a tad suspicious of the golf shop computer testing approach and I dont trust hitting into a net as much as hitting it down a fairway. After all, those golf shop guys have a vested interest in selling me clubs while I'm the only stake holder interested in collecting data regarding my swing.  A precarious relationship at best...and a potentially expensive one at that!   I'll post again once I've played the club for a round or two. That should provide me with a pretty good idea of how my swing responds to a senior flex club, eh? And since it is a 3 hybrid it has the longest shaft of the set so I can truly feel how much "whippyness" there might be and how it translates into my shots. And again, my thanks to all.

Depends on your tempo.

I would say regular with your swing speed

Give it a few years before getting re-branded ladies clubs;-)
90mph isn't senior flex territory.

150 yards with a 5 iron in Winter is very reasonable for an average golfer and would suggest you are right about being on the cusp. It is worth remembering that when it comes to longer clubs the tendency is swing 'softer' in the first place so senior flex may well be the correct way to go.

Lou B wrote (see)

Concur. Give it a few years before getting re-branded ladies clubs;-) 90mph isn't senior flex territory.

THIS. 85-90mph with a driver is right in the mid-regular range.

There are threads on here with people swinging at 90mph asking if they should get stiff shafts..   Where does the ball go?  

Hello Mafia golfer: My  normal shot pattern tends to be fades and I play a power fade. This past week I was able to try a driver with senior flex with great results. The first two tee shots were oddly , hooks but once I got the hang of low and slow I was booming the drives some 10 -20 yards beyond my normal average!! The best of which was a 230 odd yard shot! Happy to say I had a splendid round shooting in the low 80's (I'm still trying to break 80 and have shot 81 five frustrating times!) Anyway, I'm encouraged by the driver results and look forward with great anticipation to the arrival of the test club 3H senior flex later this week. I will promptly take it through its paces on the course and report back to the kind readers of this thread. Thanks again to all here for sharing your experience and wisdom.    

Hello folks: I'm reporting back in order to put some closure on this thread. I did indeed purchase a senior flex 3 hybrid and took it to the range to beat a few buckets of balls.  I must say that the results were delightful as my shots were consistently higher in trajectory and most importantly far more accurate. In fact I startled the folks at the range (as well as myself) by hitting the flag I was aiming at some 170 yards away. LOL Needless to say, I then proceeded to purchase that new hybrid iron set I had my eye on in Senior flex, played a couple of rounds and loved the results. I find that the senior flex truly rewards slow smooth swings with tempo and this prevents me from having to swing out of my shoes with poor results.  The slower swing seems to attain equal or better distance, is far more consistent since I am more apt to hit it pure, etc. In other words, it's all good!  Loving my clubs, loving my more consistent contact and now working to dial in the new distances for each club which should take a few more rounds and visits to the range. Thanks again to all who shared their experience and/or advice. I'm one very happy golfer! Fairways and greens, mates. Stogies.

Like I said, Senior!

I'm glad you're happy.

Yup....just as you said, SP.   Senior it is!  LOL Thanks for your input. Cheers.

Reason I said senior is I've a set of senior shafted irons that I use when my back is giving me grief and I hit them really well.

My swing speed is 100 plus on a good day and dispersion is not an issue if I use a soft shaft.

Now using my Grafalloy blue stiff shafted clubs on a bad day is slice city!

I was fitted for Ping X-stiffs this year, which performed virtually like-for-like with S300s during the fitting process. From what I was told at the time if you want more distance then play the softest shaft in your 'ball park'. So if it's a choice between Soft Reg and Reg. Go Soft Reg! Ultimately, he reckoned that most average handicappers aren't aiming at the flag enough to be that worried about the dispersion differences a better play might notice. For slower swingers, it seems to be more about finding the shaft that provides the best contact – subsequently the carry distance is improved.  

Righto, MatW: In the course of my research of this subject I read in numerous places that one should play the softest shaft they can handle and that something like 80% of golfers are playing the wrong shaft. My experience with these clubs supports your premise as I am equal to or better in terms of distance but much, much better interms of accuracy as I hit the ball much higher with an easy smooth tempo swing and consequently make much better contact on the clubface. It has truly made the game a joy to play as I no longer feel any need to swing out of my shoes and now simply let the clubs do the work.

Sounds like you've found a good combo fella!

I think that guys are waking up to this soft flex and more loft not less, selling clubs that are used by the longest hitters, its intersting to see guys choosing 12 degree senior set ups.   I find a shaf that is TOO weak feels unstable my transition is not exactly Ernie Els like, once that feeling has gone the flex is strong enough. R,S,X  surely there is a better way    

mafiagolfer wrote (see)

. R,S,X  surely there is a better way   If you are getting the clubs fitted by a competent golf fitter or doing it yourself there are 2 steps between each of those flexes and of course between R and A flex.    


Jim,   I mean that fitting is a choice of one or the other..   i.e. 1 or 2  rather than 1.356 suits you R,S,X   i am sure is responsbile for lots of bad choices in golf stuff, people knowing in advance what they want to hit, getting fitted without stickers is always good.. I know as a junior golfer many juniors were excited about getting an x flex shaft even though it might not have worked for them, I wonder how long they all stuck with it? If you had a massively wide range and it was purely a number i.e. model number 1.363 suits you, then you would most likely have a better set up. Just saying, do not want to appear negative as this is not allowed apparently  

I am 57 years old and currently a 12 handicap.  Last year I was fitted for a Stiff shaft due to swing speed of 100 which is not the fastest in the world, but this is what the golf pro told me.  I could not get past 215-225 on my drive and was very frustrated.  I purchased a Ping G15 Regular shaft from a friend and thought I would give it a shot.  I played 9 holes (due to rain fall) and averaged 250 - 260 yards per drive..............and hit every fairway straight as an arrow.   I never hit a golf ball that far or straight consistently in my life.  I went to the driving range to validate whether it was a fluke and sure enough I was hitting the same distance.  I was happy.  I got home to clean the club and lo and behold, found that it was a Soft -R which is Ping's equivalent of a Senior shaft.  So much for swing speed and a Stiff shaft. Senior Flex is the way to go.  Forget ego and try this flex.  Trust me, your reacquaint yourself with your ego as soon as you out drive the others you are with.    

Nowt wrong with a senior shaft  I have a TM R11 with one and its the best thing I ever bought. Never could handle a driver till I got this baby, now I use it all the time when I used  to use my Cobra 3 wood. FWIW I also have the regular shaft as well and tried it for a couple of rounds, its now in the cupboard and will not be getting fitted to the head again.

I know this is an old thread but the points remain the same. One of the things I like about modern drivers is the ease of changing shafts. I keep several different shafts for my TM  R9 and change the shaft at different times of the year. During the winter all the extra layers make swinging naturally slower and I swap to TM  M flex for winter. I just wish I could do the same for my irons.

I reckon that is why I cannot hit these Srixon irons with Rifle 5.0 shafts Always coming up short and right with the buggers 

Taz wrote (see)

I reckon that is why I cannot hit these Srixon irons with Rifle 5.0 shafts Always coming up short and right with the buggers 

Feck, i've just bought a 2nd hand set Callaway Razr forged irons with PX 5.0 flighted shafts. Hope i can hit them I have Rifle 5.5 in my Mizuno's but find them a tad stiff so hopefully 5's will suit me

Another Convert ! I read this thread with interest after having my swing speed measured at a Callaway fitting.92 mph puts me right into senior territory.Due to the wet winter i've dedicated loads of time to practise & lessons.Thought it might be a good time to have a look at the clubs too.I'm 53 playing off 18,been using reg.graphite shafts for ages.I found that a lighter shaft allows a better tempo.This leads to better connections,improved distance & accuracy.Now playing with Cobra AMP irons,driver,4 wood & wedges. If you're on the cusp of a senior shaft,give it a go you may be surprised !  

I went to a Ping fitting, thinking i had a fast swing but when fitted with a soft regular shaft, i hit the ball much sweeter and longer. Fitting is the way forward for anybody!

92MPH puts you no where near senior territory!

As long as it has a nice low torque value and mid to low kick point. People misunderstand flex. Flex doesn't determine how much give or lag or how "whippy" a shaft is. It's torque value. On one set of my razr x irons I have senior flex with a low torque value so they actually feel stiffer than my regular flex 06' Big Bertha set. Learn torque values and kick point and maybe get fitted before leaving stupid remarks about renamed ladies clubs. Lmao

Are you saying 92mph swingers should be looking at SENIOR flex shafts? Do you work in a golf store?

Kenny, I guess golf must be whatever works for you. I'm now using Ping Raptures with soft graphite shafts plus Cobra hybrids with senior shafts,I still have a regular in my driver.H'cap has come down 2 shots since I started all this. I don't work in a golf store.x    

Well, I am a senior and would be ecstatic if I could swing at 92 MPH. More like 75 MPH And I use ping g25 snr steel shafts and g25 rescue and woods. I also use a snr shafted g30 12 deg driver with turbulators 

Turbulators are the business, I hope they become an aftermarket feature so I can stick them on my current drivers  

I would like some to stick on my car Bet it would make it go faster

Interesting take on this by Mark Crossfield.  

kenny GOLERMCWHACKSTICK wrote (see)

92MPH puts you no where near senior territory!

Are you basing this comment on driver speed or iron speed?  

Driver Average swing speed is under 90 with a driver I just posted up a quick response to someone with a 92mph ( I assume the 92 is accurate and not measured on some over inflating device) if someone has 92mph they are more likely to look at stiff than senior (NORMALLY) Obviously there are other considerations TORQUE affects feel, transition is the major dictator of whether you with stiffer or weaker, shaft weight,  personal preference and manufacturers specs as R,S AND X are meaningless.    

Wow!!  last time I was measured (some years ago) I was 108 driver speed and was changing from stiff to regular. The funny thing was my iron speed was measured at under 70 which would have been senior flex. Did not buy anything just worked on getting my swing speed back up again with the irons and ditched the graphite regular flex ones. I retried my stiff graphite shafted irons but was definitely loosing too much distance with them.

Flex does not always make that much of a difference.  I was recently professionally fitted for a Jetspeed. I tried Senior and Regular. The difference in distance was negligible, but the regular had a much lower dispersion for me than the senior. In my earlier post, I linked to a video which suggests flex has as much to do with a difference in feel than distance.

Jim if your fitting was some time ago the 108 i would be VERY VERY wary of for accurace, I have had my swing MEASURED at 155 on several occasions with the end result being of course someone wanted me to buy a club. Flex does have a lot to do with feel, but that is actually where torque is important you can go from around 1 to 8 degrees torque, for steel it is irrelevant but higher torque in graphite equals a softer FEEL. I did say in my post ASSUMING THE 92 IS ACCURATE as people who believe they swing at 92 if being SOLD something are probably swinging at significantly less .... Swing speed is the start point and 92 would start you at REGULAR and more likely stiff than senior.  FROM THERE it is down to many other things. MY CLUBS driver is xx hybrid x irons s wedges r    That is how I LIKE my clubs, an odd set up but then I did say speed is a starting point and there is a lot more too it, I LIKE for example wedges to feel real soft and even used a graphite shafted r flex for a long period. Logically with my swing I am always told use X.  

Another vote for soft wedges from me, I  reshafted  my Vokeys with R300. I also like a heavier shaft in them than the DGSL I use in the rest of the irons. I know what you are talking about with driver shafts as I mainly use makes that tend to be on the stiff side of regular with high kick points.  

Shaft flex makes no difference or does it?  See Mark Crossfield on Utube or Sandtrap