S Blade Putter

21/03/2011 at 15:11


I recently won a caption competition on this website for which the prize was an S-Blade putter so I thought I'd do a quick review.

I've had it in the bag for a few weeks & initially struggled to get the ball to the hole & pushed the odd short putt, but after a bit of getting used to its definitely a keeper.

It has a much better roll than my old T/made Rossa putter, the head feels heavier and less effort is required for longer putts.

Its very easy to aim as well with a yellow stripe on the head that appears to light up when you play the stroke & since it catches your eye  I've found that my head stays down longer.

I thought I would struggle with such a small headed putter but actually find it very easy to use and looking forward to testing it on the fast greens in the summer.

Thanks Bob & S Blade for the great prize.

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