Skycaddie UK customer "service"

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Skycaddie UK customer "service"
I have the Skycaddie SG3, but the issue is with the UK crap customer service when it comes to mapping a course not currently in their db. Mail either gets filtered as probable spam when using their website, and "mailbox full" delivery errors. If anyone has had any success in getting courses mapped (I want to get Castle Royle, Berkshire, mapped) could they let me know what they did as following "the process" has been unsuccessful for me.

I did get through once, was told someone would get back to me, but they never did.

try Beast of Barnsley I know hes had a lot of success in getting courses mapped.Unlike me whos never managed to get any course mapped....but I believe that was more to do with the people at the courses refusing to have then mapped rather than skyCaddie, who have allways responded promptly to my emails.

OK, well I once again filled in their "request a course" form - it takes me back to a time when the interweb was in its infancy, talk about a basic, unfriendly, juvenile interface. Love the skycaddie - absolutely detest the interface and customer service.

I simply filled in the request a course form. To be honest this was before they merged the UK Site with the US Site. Certainly isn't as user friendly now as it used to be. Not sure if I have the number or e-mail address at home of the person I spoke to about course mapping - I'll have a look when I get home.

i called them at the uk office and the course i wanted was mapped in under a week which i thought was pretty good for the depths of Devon!

I've requested about 10 courses in Surrey to be mapped and my home course.. that was 6 weeks ago. Not heard a peep.I believe there is only one Pro in each area mapping courses so the Surrey area could take forever.... :O(

They have been great in my dealings with them....I thought that most of the decent Surrey courses were already on it 3PW? You can't be after Moore Place and Hurtmore surely? LOL!!

That's not true, 3PW. They send groups of pro's out for each course and tend to get there before the course is even open to the public. They walk the course backwards and discuss lay up areas etc before mapping them. It would take too long for one pro to map out each course.

I've just rung them up to chase but the main mapper guy wasn't there again. I've requested Addington(my course),Hankley Common, Westerham and Princes along with a few others.They are going to ring me back with an update. I'm not sure if there's a queuing system for mapping them but I guess hassling them every week or two will get them mapped quicker. Hopefully. :O)

Hi GuysI cant say enough about the staff at the UK Skycaddie. had a few teething probs with my unit which was my fault anyway. They couldent be more helpful.Also got out course maped and another one close by done same day. Took about 4 weeks as the guy who does the maping around our area i think he plays on the pro tour or something.But i think it best to phone and ask for the maping dept rather than fill the request form.

After 2 snottagrams to them I might be getting somewhere, they realise that they have issues with the online request form, I won't be bothering with that again, and I now have one of the guys mobile numbers - so, they are stepping up a bit to what I expect from customer service. So my advice - call them, don't rely on the online form, if you want to get a course mapped.

Yep i also found that myself that why i phoned to.They couldent apologise enough and got on the case right away.Kept me updated with emails, which they did.

A quick update on this.It seems as if my requests have gone into a black hole as their website had problems.I spoke to a helpful person there Steve Winstone who will happily map courses. I asked him if it was ok to post his email address on the web and he said he was happy to help anyone...So email him direct to get your courses;O)

That guy is a legend, he gets things done man, I asked for two courses that my Golf Society will be playing and within a few days he had the courses mapped and on the site, cant say enough about them , I am so glad I have this bit of kit, not only is it good but you can talk to a human being who wants to help if you have a problem, Way to go Skycaddie you will do for me!

Has any body had a problem with SG3 battery life I am only getting 9-14 holes before the new batteries are going flat.

I have the SG3 and not had a problem at all. I have also switched to rechargeable batteries, but prior to that the cheapies from Tesco were lasting a round and a bit.

Good old steve again, he sorted the maping for me to after i booked it online. But had probs with online service.I`m not sure if the guys who map the courses play on the pro tour. i`m sure steve said something about they would pop and map the 2 coursed on their way back from a tournament in Ireland.As per the SG3 batteries, i use Duracell rechargables. they last at least 3 rounds.

I have actually been with Steve when he mapped a course just to see what goes into it, and he was saying that they use pros that play on the mini-tours that exist to map the courses.

I thought their customer service was excellent when I bought mine, they even preloaded some courses for me.  I did deal with them on the phone, not on-line though.

 I emailed Skycaddie to ask if they could map Slayley Hall as I was going to play there this week and I was delighted to get an email telling me that they had mapped it, I have several mates that have emailed that Steve direct and he has always returned there mail and kept them informed even if it has been bad news that the club has refused permission.The customer service of this firm is first class