TaylorMade launches RocketBladez irons

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TaylorMade launches RocketBladez irons
What do you make of the new TaylorMade RocketBladez irons?

I think that press release deserves an award for the biggest load of marketing pish ince 1979!

They're horrible! And not really a blade, either!

Not pretty but if they give me an extra 20 yards an iron i'm in!

Had some interesting videos sent from TaylorMade too. They're at the bottom of the attached article or, as I'm nice, here are the links: TaylorMade CEO Mark King introduces the RocketBladez irons Speed Pocket breakthrough: The innovative technology behind the RocketBladez Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose try out the RocketBladez

Fair play, I work in marketing and this is a very well marketed product. Taylormade, your launch day and prelude to launch day has had the desired effect. Watched the videos and I will definitely be going to hit one of these when they land. Even if they do look like something hatched from a Nike Sumo.

Scoopa wrote (see)

I think that press release deserves an award for the biggest load of marketing pish ince 1979!

Totally agree, same old same old from TM, the greatest club ever invented since well, 12 months ago when we invented the greatest club ever then too. Still, the gullible will lap it up as usual.

fatshaft beat me to it  ..... but indeed on the face of it they look like TM doing what TM does best I'm thinking that following the glowing endorsements of Rose & Johnson we can expect to see both those players using said irons for the 2013 season ?

You mean these? Proper! Admin edit: To see and discuss the new Callaway X Forged irons, click here.

^^^got to say I hated the looks of the outgoing X forged, although they played not too bad, but those look like proper golf clubs.   And yes TrapDraw, all these pros that TM are claiming want to play these clubs, we'll be watching eagerly as..........none of them have them in their bag perhaps?

Can TM patent/enforce design rights on their 'speed slot'? I've already thought of a couple of different ways other manufacturers could create the same sort of thing. Might register one and sell it on!

Taylormade are apparently doing away with the R11 series and doing just the rocketbladez brand intl next year. They are producing a driver to replace the R11s and no more R11 irons or woods. What a shame. The R11 irons are pretty goo and the R11 s was widely acclaimed. I wonder what next for TM?

I think you answered the question before you asked it there, Trev.

Watch the JR/DJ video's of them trying them out. Wow, I'm just so convinced, it's so genuine, not like they are sponsored by them or anything .....  And who the hell wants a 4 iron that takes off like a driver...that's what drivers are for!

Has anyone googled the Wilson staff reflex irons. Recognise anything?

Dandy don (13.7) wrote (see)

Not pretty but if they give me an extra 20 yards an iron i'm in!

Or course they're 20 yards longer. The 6 iron is 26.5 degrees. That's pretty much the same loft as my Titleist AP2 5 iron (26 degrees)

I will not jude until I hit them all side by side and see what works for me

Guys, let's keep this thread to the new TaylorMade irons. Callaway has released images and words to the media now about its 2013 X Forged irons. You can see the pics here.

Ok rocketblades, so just checked the specs, TM seem happy to share, but us lot seem to ignore.  Lets take the 4 and 7 as example.  Rocketblades 4 iron - 20 degrees, 38.875 inches long. Mizuno JPX825 4 iron - 23 deg, 38.25 inches Titleist AP2 4 iron 24 deg 38.5 inches Im not even going to compare the 7s after all its obvious where im going.... Speed slot bollocks, longer shafts and less loft.  Note the tour version has more loft and is shorter than the hackers version, still stronger than most though...

My Cleveland 20degree hybrid has '2i' written on it.  Strange I would need to replace the '4i' with it if in tm world...

Anyone want to buy my wilson relex irons? same technology 1979 vintage, grips could do with a brush up £50 lol

Cheers Big Ears wrote (see)

Note the tour version has more loft and is shorter than the hackers version, still stronger than most though...

So a 5 iron is really a 4 iron. There is a reason for that - the majority of amateurs (customers!) stand in a booth in AG, try out a load of clubs and buy the longest because that is their concept of best. Nothing to do with feel, consistency and accuracy (otherwise you wouldn't be standing in a booth in AG!).  Well done TM, great ploy to sell clubs. Its a shame TM push on with this marketing tosh about distance. I moved to their RBZ Tour hybrids and 3 wood this year and they are cracking clubs, not because they are longer than anything else but because they are soooo easy to hit, very consistent and VERY accurate.

As they say in the apprentice. ... Im out! I dont buy the bull unfortunately! At the end of the day cast metal is soft and dead. How can you possibly get spring effect from it? fairway woods with hardened carpenter steel faces or drivers with welded in hardened faces are a different kettle of fish entirely. ROCKETBUCKETZZ. !

"The iron, says TaylorMade, features remarkable new technology that promotes high launching, long, straight and quick-stopping performance for golfers of all abilities." Thats settled then, the UK average handicap will obviously fall to single figures now these have been unleashed on the unsuspecting golfing public.  

tom-333 wrote (see)

As they say in the apprentice. ... Im out! 

More Dragons Den really!  But anyway, I can't understand why these aren't in my bag. Oh yeah, cos they're RocketBollox!

They're not in your bag cause you've got another 430 clubs in there!