Titleist Pro V1 vs Srixon URX

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Titleist Pro V1 vs Srixon URX
Ive been wondering has anyone tried both of these balls to see which they prefer? A mate of mine used the Pro V1, but has switched to the URX, and he reckons it is a far better ball. I treated myself to a dozen of each, and over the course of the last few days I've tried both. My initial feelings are that I prefer the Srixon. It just rockets off the clubface like a bullet and stops on a dime on the greens, but seems to cut quite easily. I used one tonight on 9 holes, and it has returned in one piece, but with two fairly sizeable cuts. The Pro V1 is an awesome ball, not quite as long as the Srixon, but it is fantastic around the greens, but seems to be more durable than the Srixon. Anyone any other thoughts? I've realised that I lose too many balls to justify the cost of either ball however. I'll stick to the AD333, Noodle and Wilson Staff that I can afford. Maybe treat myself the occasional dozen "Elite" ball.

I re-used a Pro V1 for the first time in a while last week, i was impressed with the distance of the ball (not just off the tee) but i most impressed with the feel when putting, absolutely gorgeous to put with.Ive not tried the srixons at all, my personal favourites include...Callaway HX blue and redTitlesit NXT and so/loI dont like hard balls for short game, and the short game is where you win or lose in my opinion.

Srixon are nice and Soft.. One of my Fav Makes.... Paul..

The URX is designed for a 90mph swing speed isn't it? Thats the one I want to try (SS 91) but can't get a sleeve locally and don't want to shell out for a dozen until I've tried them. Currently using up the last of my old type VIx.s which will take some beating.

I tried the Srixon URX and agree that it cuts easily. My clubs still have pretty sharp grooves and after 5 holes the ball felt like it was covered in sand paper.While I love the Pro V I don't feel I can justify paying the money for it. I tested loads of balls during the winter and have now settled for the Strata Tour Ace which you can get for

I actually find that the Srixon AD333 doesn't cut as much as the URX, and they are a fair bit cheaper as well. It's nice to try the more expensive ball, but it just goes to prove that some of the cheaper equivalents from the same makers are every bit as good.

I played the ProV1 for years, since it came out and before that the Professional - but having played with Srixon AD333 (Blue and Silver packet) for a couple of seasons, they are hard to beat for all round performance - easily as good as the ProV1, cheaper, too.

I decided to use some Pro V1s last weekend now the weathers better and couldn't believe the distance I was getting. Feel round the green was excellent aswell. I was about to shell out some cash on spem Pro Vis before I saw this post. Interesting that Parky says that AD333s are comparable. I'd buy soem if they play anywhere near as good as the titleist. Just went to the review section and saw that although everyone seems to like them there were several comments about how they disappear in heavy rough !!! I've checked the date and its not 01 April. Is everyone taking the piss ? Of course you lose a ball in heavy rough. Any thoughts Parky or has everyone gone mad ?!

Well I was one of those who Said they lost a ball in the rough.. I read some of the earlier Reviews and thought what a load of cr@p.. then Went out to play with the Ad333 for the 1st time, Just took the one with me to try it..2nd hole chipped it over the green with a Thinned Wedge shot.. and thought no biggie i saw where that went.. Went to hit my next shot only to find it wasnt anywhere to be seen.. Spooky...Since then ive not really lost Any...So maybe its just a case for the X-Files...maybe everyone loses thier 1st ball?lolPaul

Seems everyone was taking the piss!To be honest, I think the Srixon is a top ball, both the AD333 and the Gold boxed one (three-piece), not sure what it's called, but it's good, too.AD333 is a popular one and so too the Pro-URX if you can get hold of them - the URX is the one which would be most comparable against the Pro V1 - but the AD333 is just as good IMHO.Best of luck and try and buy at least a sleeve next time!

Played again tonight with an AD333, and it really is a superb ball. Every bit as good as the Pro V1, and at half the price. Doesn't cut or scuff easily, whereas the URX cut after 4 holes. In my honest opinion though, for some reason the AD333 DOES appear to sit down in the rough, not even deep rough. A week ago I ripped my best ever drive down the 8th fairway at my course, saw where it went, saw it land and bounce down the left hand side of the fairway, went to where the ball landed, and it had gone. Spent 5 minutes searching up and down the rough, but there was just no sign. Maybe I need my eyesight checked again. LOL.

Bought some Srixon AD333's at the start of the week and played with them today at Inchmarlo Laird's course. Ball is every bit as good as the Pro V1 at half the price. Distance was good, feel on and around the green was excellent and one ball survived the whole round and is only slightly scuffed. Will see how I get on over the next few weeks but I'm a convert.

Recently bought 12 URX in my never ending quest to find an alternative to Pro V1 that are cheaper (not by much though) and maybe "better". After 4 rounds, swopping balls between holes, I found the URX to be shorter from the tee with Driver, checks up quick on full shots into fairly hardish greens, even with 5 iron, but not as soft or responsive on chips or putts. Quite a hard feel overall. Could just be me though.IMHO not as good durability as ProV1, but not the worst. AD333 are a far better ball than URX, and much cheaper, but for me are affected more by the wind and tend to balloon.Currently using the Precept U-tri tour, (AGD

you have kept your email private, I am interested if you wnat to email me.

wwww.snaintongolf.co.uk3 dozen AD333 for

Thanks Don Jones 2 - just ordered 3 doz AD333s from Snainton golf. Just hoe they've got some left on Monday.

I've tried several of these balls,and I've found that they all scuff considerably easier than the Pro V1.Using full wedges (I have a swing speed average of 112) the Callaway just marks badly.The Pro V1 I can use for a full round.I think I will give the Ad333 a whirl.

Actually,looking at their website there might be too much spin off an Ad333 with my swing speed,so i will try the UR instead