What 7-iron swing speed = stiff shaft?

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What 7-iron swing speed = stiff shaft?

Hi all,

As in the title, what 7-iron swing speed equates to a stiff shaft?

I have been to two fitting centres in recent months and been measured as a 7-iron swing speed of between 75-80 mph..which both centres stated was regular.

I was watching a vector session the other night and the pro, who was knocking a 6-iron nearly 200 yards had a swing speed of 83mph and he was using a very stiff shaft!

Is it really a case of a couple of miles per hour makes *that* much difference when it comes to shafts??

83mph with a 6i wouldn't amount too 'nearly 200yds'. I would say you would be fine with a regular shaft. What kind of ballflight do you get?

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83mph with a 6i wouldn't amount too 'nearly 200yds'. I would say you would be fine with a regular shaft. What kind of ballflight do you get?

Nick, I was standing watching the swing and the Vector stats and trust me..it showed a swing speed of 83mph and a total distance of 199.6 yards! This was with a 6-iron.As for my ball flight - Quite high, but with too much backspin..and it is that I need to lower with a conjunction of lessons and equipment.

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83mph with a 6i wouldn't amount too 'nearly 200yds'. I would say you would be fine with a regular shaft. What kind of ballflight do you get?

Nick, I was standing watching the swing and the Vector stats and trust me..it showed a swing speed of 83mph and a total distance of 199.6 yards! This was with a 6-iron.

I'd think that the vector will need re-calibrating if that is the result it is showing for 83 mph with a 6i.

Well, it showed what it showed Anyway..back to the original question..What 7-iron speed equates to a stiff shaft?

My swing speed is about the same - 75 -80mph - and i've just been fitted for ping fairways and hybrids - and have got soft regular graphite shafts - these give me more height and therefore more distance. And the ball fairly whizzes off the face and sounds wonderful - and it goes straightI'm also using Srixon Soft Feel balls - which are designed for swingspeed under 80mph.Think you'd also benefit from softer shaftsThink they used to be called Senior flex - but apply to younger golfers too

I know I can't hit really soft shafts, because I tend to hook them all over the place

My swing speed with a 6 iron is about 95mph. I have yet to hit a ball 200 yards (in any direction ) under normal conditions.

The set of Aldila PKP shafts I used to have on my clubs were swing rated at 83-90mph rather than Stiff and I know that they are now to stiff for me and I now play regular shafts. Last time I was swing speed checked it was around the 70-80 mph mark with irons and 108 mph with a driver.

Pasty,Possibly..however it wasn't me having the lesson! I was just bogging at the guy (who worked there) hammering balls into the distance!So unless he was just showing off (though nobody was actually officially watching), then what was the point of having it display dodgy stats?

Just test the shafts and see whats best for you.Swing speed isn't the only relative variable IMO. If you load the shaft excessively in your transition you may need a stiffer shaft. I really dont understand though why you are 2nd guessing 2 professionals. Playing a stiffer shaft in your golf clubs doesn't make your penis bigger and it doesnt make you a better golfer. (just wanted to clear those 2 rumours up)

I was recently fitted for new irons and a swing speed of 75mph put me in regular flex. Different brands of regular flex gave different launch angle, ball speed and spin rate all of which had an effect on carry distance. I started with a launch angle of around 11 deg., ball speed 100mph with low spin rate(3000 ish) and carry of 152ish and settled for launch around 17 deg., ball speed 110, spin 5500+ and carry around 160. All from the same 75mph swing speed with "regular flex" shafts.  

As well as swing speed you'll need to bear in mind your height.If you need lengthened shafts you MAY need them stiffer than would normally be the case to stop the club feeling like a brick on a  licqourice stick.My Mizuno MP30s are 2" over standard length with a stiff shaft and Mizuno fitted lighter swing weight heads to avoid this problem.My advice is to get the clubs custom fitted, many manufacturers do it free or take the cost off the price of set of irons if you order them. It's well worth it.

JC - just fyivectors IMO reads WAY TOO high all the time - I know i put up numbers on it a while back (3 consecutive machines at golf shows) I would say the readings were 10% too high on all 3 companies machinesNike - Cleveland - A N Otherk

OK - here's the reason I am asking this question.Those who fllow my posts will know that I have been fitted by two different manufacturers in recent months.Primarily based on the stats from one of these, I purchased a set of their irons (also somewhat enticed by a stonking promotion)My existing 7-year old Mizunos have a S300 shaft in them, yet both fitting sessions spec'd me as a R300Anyway when the new bats arrived, I instantly noticed a problem on the course. I was consistently hitting a club, if not 2 more than I had previouslySo what? I hear you ask.Well, the Trackman stats of this particular "fitting" showed figures some 20 yards superior to the other fitting and to a recent independent fitting, indicating that I should have been hitting these a club *further* - not 2 less!! Given I had purchased these clubs under somewhat false pretences, I have contacted the manufacturer, provided evidence of the independent fitting (which also tested my old Mizunos as a control and these matched my other fitting) and have returned the clubs to them for verification that they have been built as specified (1/2" longer, 2º upright, regular shafts)If they have been built to spec, then I will be demanding a full refund as the fitting session was more of a "fitting up" one.One of my concerns though, is that with the new clubs, I had a tendency to snap-hook, which I have never suffered from before...reverting to the stiff-shaft old clubs cured this instantly. That's why I was asking about shafts.

I visited my local American Golf Discount and bombed the new Cobra driver 375 odd yards on the their launch monitor.  I found this very misleading.........Then I figured I must have topped it or something.and Stiff shafts do make your penis bigger!

clouter, do you compete in longdrive?

i have roughly the same swing speed as the 200+ 6 iron and my average carry was 165.With 82mph i was on the border of stiff/regular, but to get to the 4000rpm spin i had to go for the stiffs

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So, you've gone from S to R based on recent fittings.   Based on 75-80mph I would suggest that is fine so I wouldn't worry about that.Just to summarise what's happened, you've had a few fittings, and on the basis of one of them bought some clubs which are giving you a couple of clubs LESS distance.My 2 questions to cover the bases would be:1.   With the fitting that persuaded you to order the irons, did you use your Mizunos as a control (as you did with an independent fitting)?   If not, that's where the problem could be, and as you suggest, the results could be misleading.2.   The fitting (what went with the order) recommended R300, did you get R300 with the order or did they swap for another shaft (maybe hence the great deal)?

Pasty,I did take my old clubs to the second fitting, but the guy only got me to hit a couple of shots as a warm up and never measured them on the Trackman!I did get the R300 (at least that's what the stickers on the shafts said) and the deal was to do with a promotion the company are still running.The problem with the fitting (apart from the obvious) is that the range markers weren't very prominent and the custom fitting bay was at the very end of the range, hitting to the very edge of the measured area, which was partially obscured by a copse of trees. This made it very difficult to accurately gauge carry distance

Why all of the talk about swing speed and shaft flex ? I thought that there was more to it than that, ie transition, tempo and preferred ball flight.As for believing the flight monitors ???????? Unless you are using your own clubs with known distances then I wouldn't believe them. I would be willing to bet that the "operator" can input certain constants, for eg temp (warmer = longer distance), wind speed and direction (10mph wind behind giving more distance), altitude (same again).Would a salesman be so dishonest to manipulate these numbers to get a sale ???? Surely NO salesman would do sucha thing.

You could be right Edit: Upon reflection, this wasn't the problem - it just prevented me from noticing the *real* problem, which was an erroneous at best and deliberately misleading at worst, Trackman set up!

Looking at the Trackman stats, the setup appears pretty benignNo Wind75º F TempAltitude - 0 ydsHumidity 75%Pressure 1013 mbarI have no idea if the last two are likely to produced skewed readingsOne of the major differences in the Trackman stats (apart from the increased distance, is that my swing speed is in the 79 - 82 mph range, rather than the 75 - 80 range on the other tests.

Yeah, the independent session tested both sets of clubs side by side.The Mizunos distances were consistent with my normal distances and verified the Mizuno fitting readings.The new clubs however contradicted the fitting stats by some 20 yards..which is what I was seeing on the course.Last week, I also took the Mizunos out on the course and instantly began hitting the sort of clubs and distances I had been in the past!!

not sure about a 7-iron as i thought most club manufacturers tested you witha 6.i currentl;y use mizuno mx 25 with a stiff shaft and will carry my 6 iron 160-165 pretty consistently. when i was fitted for theses clubs i had a swing speed of 88mph which the guy fitting me told me was almost into the x-stiff category.i was at mizuno 3 days ago, my swing speed is now 84-85mph and they told me that i was on the border between regular and stiff. the moniter also showed that i was carrying teh ball considerable further than i would have expected and one shot even showed me carrying the ball 179 yards which IMO is a load of bull! i couldn never hit a 6 iron that distance. swing speed is not the only variable in deciding the shaft stiffness i must add that theses were 2 different fitters.

JC, 1013 mBar is atmospheric pressure at sea level (on average - weather dependant). This is why the weather man talks about areas of high and low pressure. As you go higher the pressure drops and the air becomes thinner. The pressure just relates to the altitude figure.Not sure about the humidity figure.

JC I tend to agree with you. If ur shafts are too soft (ie ur new sticks) you will hook/hit it all over the place!I thinks its all about what right for you. I was fitted at Mizuno National fitting centre in Wrexham and they were supurb. Started hitting 5-6 shots with my old 6 iron 165yds then selecting a range of shafts based on that.  Went for the Rifle stiff in the end as most consistant 6 irons I have ever hit! Old reg shafts a little inconsistant!If you have played mizuno in the past I strongly recommend going to the closest NATIONAL fitting centre for a session (free). Take both sets and they will tell you if any good!I believed the monitor they used as the ball landed were the monitor said it did! IE if said straight wen striaght and distances looked about correct. 

I asked the manager of Nevada bobs of he sets his swing monitor to show favourable results - he got the right ache. They clearlty had though because at the time I was Mr Erratic with the driver and this monitor had me bombing them down the middle every time. At that time my record number of consecutive fairways found was 1!!!.As Clouters joke suggested, the reason we all want stiff shafts is because it makes us think of our manhood. If shafts were not called shafts but something like 'legs' everyone would be happy with regular  'legs' and would not be so keen on stiff 'legs'. Its an ego thing.

Are you saying my large manhood has nothing to do with my shafts!

You also have to remember that swing speed is not a direct correlation to strike quality... Just watch any hacker at the range with a dunlop driver in their hands.

To be honest, I don't give a monkey's whether mu clubs are regular of stiff-shafted.What is *really* pi$$ing me off is the fact that I have paid over $500 for a set of clubs that aren't performing anything like their spec sheets said they would or even like the clubs they are replacing!

Not sure about a 7 iron, but my 6-iron spped is consistent between 86-88mph. In terms of carry I typically achieve a carry of about 185 with a full swing, although it's obviously going to depend on wind etc. I tend to hit quite a high flight so not a lot of roll, but good for hitting into greens. I reckon that I gain about 3yards per degree of loft so my 7 would typically be about 12 yards short of this = 173ish. Stats based on Vector Launch for speed and Bushnell rangefinder at the range for distance. The range uses full flight srixons which aren't the nicest ball to hit, but a HUGE improvement on some which give you those lifeless 70% flight monstrosities. In terms of shaft, I use R300. My swing speed was on the cusp for switching to stiff, but in reality (hitting balls into the distance rather than a piece of sheeting 6 ft away) I was striking the regulars much better so i went with them. Driver speed up around 105 with stiff shafts though. Backswing often faster than that .

About Distance. I hit my 6 iron 200 yards and have a swing speed of 85 mph. I guess i have a lot of smack poser at impact.. So it is not impossible to get this distance out of a 6 iron. Would you recommend px 5.5 or 6.0 for my swing ?  

No you don't, not unless your 6 iron has a 4 on the bottom. I average 100mph on my 6 iron and I carry 185.

If I used a Taylor Made rocketbladez that might become 200.

But no one swings at 85mph and carries a 6 iron 200 yards

Wot a lot of willy waving!

4 years still no answer  

soren Carstensen wrote (see)

About Distance. I hit my 6 iron 200 yards and have a swing speed of 85 mph. I guess i have a lot of smack poser at impact.. So it is not impossible to get this distance out of a 6 iron. Would you recommend px 5.5 or 6.0 for my swing ?  

It depends on how much backspin you are gettting

200 yard 6 iron, that is a painful claim AVG pga player is at 93mph AVG shot is 175 from the fairway or 186 from the tee or 180.5 overall (Lets assume same number of shots from tee and fairway) So swinging 10% slower you are somehow hitting the ball more than 10% further than the best strikers on the planet?  OR to put it another way, assuming you did swing at the same speed as the PGA players you would be hitting your same 6 iron 40 yards past theirs! Amazing skills you have there a 200 yard 6 iron is huge and unless you are hard swinger (Think 120 driver speed) then you are over estimating avg pga tour 4 iron CARRY 189 avg pga tour 3 iron CARRY 203  This may come off as harsh, but no way no how do those numbers make sense

Must have been really windy

I had my swing speed measured at mizuno national fitting centre, hitting a six iron, averaged 92 mph, and was fitted with project x 6.0.
I know my six iron goes 170 yards, and not much more. Can't see how a comparable swing speed could get 200 yards unless we're talking a hard fairway and plenty of roll.

My Average swing speed with a 6 iron is 95.4 mph.  with a average carry of 186.4 yards.  I have Tour Issue x100's in mine.  There is no way that a swing speed of less than 90 will go 200 yards, unless your at altitude or have lots of wind behind, or as already said you have one of these new TM clubs that have a 4 iron loft with a number 6 stamped on the head.    

Every one is forgeting correct impact position means hands infront, this actually delofts the face so a 6 iron hit correctly would be 5iron in loft, If hit incorrectly by casting or hands level/behind at impact it could be like hitting a 7 or 8 iron with all the distance lost by ballooning in the air. Although a 6 iron 200y with that swing speed is very unrealistic infact imposible!