What is the current Hottest faced driver?

not as daft as i sound!

Just took my 5 year old to the driving range for a bit of fun, and thought i'd take an old driver with me for a laugh - a TM Burner hot faced driver, now illegal. Haven't hit this club in about 4 years, and my swing has changed a lot in that time.

Now maybe I was a bit slow, but i hadn't realised how Hot "Hot" was!  I usually once warmed up can get close to hitting the fence on the range (allegedly 260 yards) after one or two bounces with the range balls. With this baby, shot after shot was landing feet short of the fence on the carry. Of course in the basket I had the obligatory non-range ball someone had snuck in, and i had a whack at that, resisting the temptation to try and melt it... and the ball hit the fence on the full about 20 feet in the air! 

Now i'm no Quiros, but clearly this driver DOES make a hell of a difference from my current one (a 4 year old R5). So my question is, since techniology has no doubt moved on in the last few years, what is the current LEGAL driver with the "hottest" face?

I'm happy with the shaft setup i've got, so i'm just interested in the head. Does anyone read golf mags etc (i don't) and can anyone tell me what the current hottest faced driver head is alleged to be?

Thanks, that's very helpful!  I want to know what the current view is on the longest legal driver on the market today.

get fit, get a better shaft, you can debate most forgiving perhaps but they all build right up to .83whatever club looks best and sits well for you is likely to give the biggest drives, are you lacking yardage?k

 I don't lack yardage particularly, though there are several people i play with who consistently outdrive me with short stabby swings.  I know there are extra yards there i am not achieving, but not that bothered at the moment as on my handicap, the short game is more important to improve.I'm just conscious i'm playing a 4 year old driver which i have steadfastly defended, but now having reminded myself what these old illegal ones were like, i wondered which current drivers have come closest to this old performance

best of the rack club i have personally hit was cleveland highbore xl with v2 shaft - i compared it to a number of top brands at a golf show and got consistently higher ball speeds maybe only 2mph, there will be slight variations in tolerances used by manufacturers but the club faces if hit in the middle are basically all as hot as each other.I love v2 shafts though, I consistently hit the V2 over 10 yards further than any other shaft on all 4 companies stands.k

Was told by my pro that The Ping Rapture V2 is right up there in terms of "hotness" , they are all meant to be on the limit, so it might just be a perception

If I had to say 1 company i would go for Mizuno, due to the quality of engineering they probably get closest to the limits with most clubsK

So maybe it isn't just about the COR but something else. Experience suggests the manufacturers will always find ways to push the boundaries, and since the old Hotface drivers were outlawed a couple of years ago, i'm guessing there have indeed been some developments since then in other areas.

Cobra L4V claims to hit the max allowances on all four specs - cor, moi, dimensions and volume.

the only variable is their ability to engineer the product to extreme tolerances - which is why i plump for mizuno, being japanese i would plump for them in a precision contest.k

See my responses below....

Part one of two:Below, is a list of materials used in Titanium faced drivers ranked from cheapest (less quality) to most expensive (best).6-4 Titanium    Titanium is used in wood heads manufactured with the formula 6Al-4V: these are 90% Titanium, 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium.   Unless stated specifically titanium heads advertised as Beta-Titanium use this alloy(6-4 Titanium) for the shell of the head and Beta-Titanium(15-3-3-3 Beta-Ti) in the face. Density (lb/in³) Tensile Strength (psi) Hardness Elongation(%) 0.16  135,000  36 HRC 15  15-3-3-3 Forged Beta-Ti    Titanium is used in wood heads manufactured with the formula 15V-3Sn-3Cr-3Al: these are 76% Titanium, 15% Vanadium, 3% Tin, 3% Chromium and 3% Aluminum  Density (lb/in³) Tensile Strength (psi) Hardness Elongation(%) 0.172  145,000  32 HRC 8  15-5-3 Titanium    Titanium Alloy used in head construction, not more than 75% titanium, 15% Molybdenum, 5% Zirconium and 3% Aluminum.  Harder than 17-4 stainless steel. Density (lb/in³) Tensile Strength (psi) Hardness Elongation(%) 0.181 181,000 35 HRC 5 10-2-3 Titanium Titanium is used in wood heads manufactured with the formula 10V-2Fe-3Al: these are 85% Titanium, 10% Vanadium and 3% Aluminum . This also the Ti blend used to make Airplane black boxes Density (lb/in³) Tensile Strength (psi) Hardness Elongation(%) 0.168 180,000  41 HRC 6 SP700 Titanium  Titanium is used in wood heads manufactured with the formula 4.5Al-2.5Fe-2Mo-3V: these are 88% Titanium, 4.5% Aluminum, 2.5% Iron, 2% Molybdenum and 3% Vanadium. Titanium is often used in oversize and larger heads most importantly in face design.  Japanese grade tested heat treated Density (lb/in³) Tensile Strength (psi) Hardness Elongation(%) 0.163 148,000  45 HRC 19   TVC Titanium. Most expensive using proprietary blend of Titanium, Vandium, Chromium and Aluminum. Density (lb/in³) Tensile Strength (psi) Hardness Elongation(%) 0.168 152,000  51 HRC 19    (cont on next post)

Part two of twoThe only company using this material is the TourSwing TVC driver...prior to that, Ashton used it in their E3 heads..but the expense of the material caused Ashto to charge $289 (american) dollars for the head alone and the company eventually folded.Do not believe all the hype you hear from the other manufacturers about "pushing the limits" They don't. They can claim anything...as long as they don't post numbers...so when they say "maximum anything...it means nothing.  Also, the COR test is and has been obsolete for years...face limitations in place by the USGA/R&A are the pendulum test...and the TVC actually EXCEEDED the limits...but they (USGA/R&A) have a tolerace level, and the TVC barely passed...I know, I talked to the testing lab at the USGA and saw the documentation.It is easier and safer for the big manufacturers to create a SAFE head, that will not break (and face retiurn situations as well as PR issues) than to spend the extra money and risk failure. Perfect example of intentions going array was the Nike Sumo a few years back....in order to make a square driver, instead of what some mfg's were doing (which was make the face smaller and moving the weight in the rear, Nike decided to make the face the same dimensions, but thinner.But they also decided not to upgrade the face material and they were beseiged with cracked faces and issued their one and only recall in company history.

15-5-3 Titanium is an 1) alpha 2)near aplha 3) alpha+beta or 4)beta alloy?? plz get me the ans.. im struck here...

Sukesh - None of the above...the 15-5-3 Ti is simply called that. The beta-ti or alpha ti is the same as the 6-4

You are far better off worrying about launch angle and spin rate than you are about wild claims of pushing the limits. Get launch and spin right, you will 'feel' you have a hotter face.

All modern heads are pretty much of a muchness and a pretty close to the 0.830 COR limit (though they generally use CT to measure it these days). The R5 head (even the Tour version) was a pretty high spin head, so was not particularly long, once past about 230yds - as the spin 'overpowered' the ballspeed with a ballooning effect. The R7 was lower spin, reflected by the preference of the R7 on Tour. This demonstrates that there's more to a Driver than simply COR of the head. Loft of the head, spin attributes of the head and suitability of the shaft to your swing anf the head are also very important.

In other words whatever you choose get fitted

tour edge XLDS...TVC !!!!!!!!......MacGregor Mactec..TVC !!!!!!!!....both very long....who copied who...tourswing or touredge??? or are they the same????   heads look the same...check it out....

I believe Mizuno has the lowest spin driver.

I really want to say the hottest has to be smaller than a tiger basil brush 2 Lowest spin, Krank  

Definitely one of the hottest faced drivers...      

Mat Woods (9.3) wrote (see)

Definitely one of the hottest faced drivers...      

Pretty poor follow through

 Follow through?  Yes please! Back OT I had a (now illegal) Titliest driver and cracked the face....yes really!  So they swopped it for a new legal one.  I used it the other day and it goes just as well as my R9.   Its all in the swing, get it right, make the right contact and it doesn't matter what you're using (from the last 10 years) it wall go well!

 Follow through?  Yes please! Back OT I had a (now illegal) Titliest driver and cracked the face....yes really!  So they swopped it for a new legal one.  I used it the other day and it goes just as well as my R9.   Its all in the swing, get it right, make the right contact and it doesn't matter what you're using (from the last 10 years) it will go well!