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There I was, sun shining, first tee of one of the classiest golf courses in the county. 1st Seniors open of the year, the season starts here I thought..  Wham, next thing I'm crumpled on the floor with screaming pain from my left thigh..  That was thursday, I hoped that by now it would show some signs of healing but no,  Ibrufen, heat ice nothing is working.. Saw a osteopath who reckons its a tendon muscle problem, thing is it just under my replaced hip so I am worried here is a connection there...  same resuly anyway I am out for the foreseeable future.. Sh1t sh1t sh1t.. all winter through rain snow sleet ice and thick thick mud,  no problems but as soon as the sun comes I fold....  


Feel your pain mtp been out

Feel your pain mtp been out of action since middle of of March with broken leg with no idea when I'll be back in action

Sorry to hear that MTP  Here

Sorry to hear that MTP  Here's hoping you mend quick ! yes  bloody typical though I know!



Sorry to hear that MtP, hope

Sorry to hear that MtP, hope the cause is sorted soon and you're recovery is swift.

Sorry to hear that i feel

Sorry to hear that i feel your pain. I had "tennis elbow" which turned out to be a torn tendon, after months and months of grief it got so bad i had to have an operation to repair it... August 29th last year. Still haven't picked up a club yet, and the renewal invoice for me club subs has just arrived! The original prognosis was 4 months out, but it's been twice that now and a long slow recovery. Hopefully i should get out in the next couple of weeks, 

By the way after many years of trying, i  have now officially given up on osteopaths, chiropractors and anything else other than a properly qualified Chartered Physiotherapist. I know you get good'uns and bad'uns in all professions, but my experience with chiros and osteopaths is their treatment protocols will go on indefinitely if you let them and they are happy to keep the "come back next week" routine even if there is bugger all they can really do to help you. Just my tuppence worth but it's endorsed by the various surgeons who've hacked me about over the years.


Really sorry to hear that MtP

Really sorry to hear that MtP, that really is crap. Hope you get seen to very shortly.

bloody hell MTP, i thought i

bloody hell MTP, i thought i was unlucky with injury but you have taken my crown .

 hopefully you will get sorted sooner rather than later. good luck mate. 

you and me both mate ,i

you and me both mate ,i remember the good old days before things went tits up and the amount of different people on here ,it was a hive of activity and always a pleasant site to post on ,now it has got a long road ahead if it is to be able to continue being a valid forum site.

Totally agree......

MTP and Funky2.......

Totally agree re the forum. I have thought many times to say goodbye and thanks for the memories.  The last straw was the competition that suddenly attracted myriads of new folks and was won by someone who had been a member for a week and once he won the first prize was never seen again.

Pointless and completely turned me off.  The new forum design is good but there are not enough members to actually keep this place going.  There are few, if any meets, these days and little to no input from anyone else.  Sad times but not unexpected.



Get everything done now

Get everything done now whilst you in, in 10 years time you'll not be able to get within a mile of our hospitals due to the queues.

10 years? Depends on where

10 years? Depends on where you live - my 79 year old mum is a retired Nurse.... lives in Boreham Wood, North London. 

5 week wait to see her GP.  Their roll numbers have more than doubled in 2 years.

She had a tumble last month.  Went in an Ambulance to Barnet A&E... place heaving.  Standing room only.  I was the only English speaker in there.  (and my nan was Polish! :-) )

Draw your own conclusions

Welcome back MtP!! And 36

Welcome back MtP!! And 36 points after your lay off is great going. Take it easy and don't try to overdo it, last thing you need is a relapse.


to hear that you are ok again mtp.
Keep knocking it round on handicap and you will soon be in contention again.