Dalton Mccrary straight shooting Instruction videos

04/01/2006 at 08:53
Interested in any others view on the above . Did it work for you ?

I have personally made a huge improvement in my game after following thisinstruction . Hitting the ball so much cleaner and straighter . Now really enjoying my golf !!!
04/01/2006 at 21:15
i watched this when i first ever started golf, i used to suffer from shanks but did hit occasional good shot, got me down to 20 anyway at end of 2004. then when i got lessons from my club pro i said i watched this video and he advised to forget it all, me and the pro built a swing from scratch basically and now i got from 20 to 7 in just over a year. so from my experiance it was not very good
05/01/2006 at 07:29
Didn't work for me. The bloke seems like he's lost the plot half the time! Think he must have done one too many tours in Vietnam or something! Must have been in the same Platoon as Dave Peltz ;-)
05/01/2006 at 23:24
Complete and utter garbage.
Like Pelz, the guy is a prick.
Spend the £15 on a lesson from a half decent club pro.
05/01/2006 at 23:46
08/01/2006 at 15:16
Nor me waisted £50 on it when it first came out , all these golf made easy things are crap , i think the only one that looks ok is "The inside Approach".
23/01/2006 at 12:22
Sorry for late reply,

Bought Daltons video from a car boot a couple of years ago for about £5, watched it, thought about it, then threw it in the bin.

Couldn't even think about selling it on Ebay - didn't want someone else to watch it and adopt the method he advocates.
23/01/2006 at 12:29
23/01/2006 at 12:58
So that's all pretty clear then!!

Has anyone tried "The Inside Approach"?
23/01/2006 at 13:02
Never tried it, but looks bollox to me. :o)
23/01/2006 at 13:13
Not tried the Inside Approach but I'd have more faith in something endorsed by Jack Nicklaus than something promoted by Dalton whatever his name is.
01/02/2006 at 22:41
Actually Daltons 'method' (to call it his method is a bit of a joke as it's as old as Tom Morris) is used by lots of Long Drive Competitors where the release comes way before the current DELAY method Pro's are TOLD to teach today by the PGA. it goes back to old school, Bobby Jones, even Nicklaus where the first thing that moved on the downswing was hips and wrists. It's not new & it takes a lot of time & a LOT of practice but it does work. Old wheezing Dalton looks likes he's about to have a heart attack half the time though. Also the vid was up against trading standards and got pulled eventually cos they said no one can 'guarantee' straight golf shots!!

make your own comparison, but a similar but not identical method that REALLY DOES work with no gimmicks is Mike Austin method. 20 YEARS AGO At a ripe old of 64 Mike drove a soft a shit ball with a promisson head driver 515yards in an official PGA tourny. OK 23 mph tail wind but it was not down hill and it is STILL the record with David Love III second! The ball carried 460! This bloke regularly pinged it 400 with ease at 64! Say forget your new fandangled FT-3's and G5's with Pro V1 super hype kit and balls! Learn to hit the ball with full leverage & efficiency the way body was designed and not by some PGA Pro who is TOLD what to tell you.

WORD OF WARNING: Mikes method will screw your head up. You will perform complete opposite actions to current PGA teaching methods. Mike was always at logger heads right up til his death last month with the PGA instruction method. He summed it up perfectly about good players through the PGA prog 'You can perfect the inperfect' RIP MIke.

Sorry this so long but I beleive in Mikes method, although Dalton tries to pass this accross he doesn't manage it at all. His tyre drill is a must though!
23/01/2012 at 21:25

I have had the tapes for years.  I have found that they work and work well.  My handicap dropped from a 12 to a 7 within a short periood of time.  I continue to watch them and learn something each time.

29/01/2012 at 17:39

Absolute p1sh

The inside approach is pretty good though, used it in a lesson to stop casting, doesn't help the hook shot mind.

29/01/2012 at 21:26
Creosote wrote (see)
Complete and utter garbage.
Like Pelz, the guy is a prick.
Spend the £15 on a lesson from a half decent club pro.

Yeah remember watching this years ago, dunno where, think I may even have bought it for the old boy, terrible terrible stuff.

17/02/2012 at 22:16

When I was a teen my mom bought me a Dalton Mccray video, can't remember which one it was.  I was a slicer as long as I had played, but after watching Dalton's vid and doing a few of the drills, I had started to hit the ball dead straight without even thinking about it.  I think at that point my mom returned the videos to get her money back since I was cured lol and for the next 5-7 years I was a very good golfer and could basically just get out of bed and hit quality shots.  But after a few years of infrequent playing, I lost it, and now I really struggle with the feel of the swing again, and have gone back to hitting slices.  I forgot all of the drills and would feel silly paying for vhs tapes from the 90s, and can't find any clips or pictures online which sucks.  Certain drills, swing tips, and instruction might work for some people, and not for others, but for reasons I can't even get into explaining, at that time in my life that Daltons tapes turned me into a really good ball striker.  The only thing that is a gimmick about it is the guarantee that it will work 100% of the time for everybody, but the drills improved my game thats for sure

21/02/2012 at 13:53

Bought these years ago.  Seemed to be an amalgam of many old theories.  It seemed to be that his main point was getting the club face on line early.  To do this he advocates getting the clubhead moving first in the forward swing.  He also advocates keeping the arms in close contact with the chest throughout the whole swing - a compact swing.  Finally, he hammers home throughout the system rolling the arms/wrists through the shot.  It's an anti-slicing method.  Worked OK forr me.

22/02/2012 at 16:08
Creosote wrote (see)
Complete and utter garbage.
Like Pelz, the guy is a prick.
Spend the £15 on a lesson from a half decent club pro.

Thought you were back till I saw the date

22/02/2012 at 16:13

Try Bobby Eldridge he is giving 6 lessons on curing the slice on utube.He also has many more good lessons.

22/02/2012 at 16:20

Alan! Bobby teaches pretty similar correct grip,compact swing and rolling the arms.Worth watching for a few minutes

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