Driver posture

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Driver posture
Hi all, Just a quick question - Is there a general rule of thumb abut posture when setting up to a driver? I know you should be more upright, feet shoulder length apart and off the left heel. But does anyone have a routine that they use to help them with it? An example Ive heard is stepping over an imaginary line with your left foot for positioning. But its more on the posture than ball position that Im really after... or if I ignore one of those the other wont follow?! Anyway if anyone knows of anything it will be greatly received. Thanks in advance. Forcey Boy

I try to keep my back straight, not hunched and stick my bum out (as if sitting on the edge of a bar stool), this seems to help straighten me up.. I then concentrate on turning my body around my spine with little or no sway. If I get it right, the drive will be long(ish) and straight!

From experience I used to have a narrow stance (distance between feet) with the driver. I used to think it was a bit wider than my shoulders until a friend saw me practicing and said why dont you try standing wider? Surely not I thought but he took a photo and showed me that I was only shoulder wide apart - when I tried the wider stance it felt so weird and incredibily wide but again a quick photo showed me it looked pretty normal. Moral? Practise with a friend when you can and describe what your set up is as your doing it. They can then point out anything that is not matching up with what you're saying.

so are you knees as flexed as say a 7 iron? or straighter as you are standing straighter? do you feel like you are only leaning over slighty when addressing the ball with a driver?

Also... say 0 degrees is straight what would you say degrees wise you should be for a driver and say a mid iron and short iron?


I believe the posture is essentially the same whether you are hitting a wedge or a driver. The only difference is the length and lie of the shaft which should naturally provide a different position at address. Golf clubs are intrinsically designed to aid the golfer.The general rule is that the longer the club the wider the stance, whilst at the same time the ball position will gradually move forwards (towards the left heel for a r/hander) the longer the club. So that with a driver you have your widest stance and the ball position is opposite the left heel. Just as important as posture is weight distributuon. Again, it should be quite natural, but for a driver the recommended weight is 60% on the right foot, which will assist transfering most of your weight over to the right foot during the backswing. I may be stating the 'bleeding obvious' and apologies if I am.