Home Made Swing Analysis Using Laptop and TV

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Home Made Swing Analysis Using Laptop and TV
Had a few lessons the last few weeks. Got alot of things sorted which some practice, mainly my posture and my two 'L's (wrist cocking at back swing and turning the wrists through the ball. Anyways, one of my main faults was my head moving down and back and found it has hard to fix it as i have been doing it for so long. i then had a brainstorm. i connected my laptop upto my flatscreen tv using a RGB cable so that thet TV was showing my desktop. After making some room i then opened up the software to use my webcam and had the laptop set up on a chair with the webcam directly facing me. Now what i can see is myself on the big TV the way my Pro has it set up at the range, the room is big enough to take full swings and i can then work on my head movement problem at home anytime i want and i can also record straight fro my webcam to my hardrive and see any faults. Might be worth trying it out for yourself as it could save some of the hassle of getting to and from the range etc

My blood starts to boil when I hear people say their "head movement" is the problem in their golf swing.

Weight shift may be a problem, but the head SHOULD move in the golf swing.

It should move but not as much as mine does, it shouldnt be moving to much. It's not the only thing thats wrong with my swing hence why im taking lessons.

If your blood boils your taking yourself far too serious lad.

Anybody else with something constructive to say...

Well I believe he is a teaching pro ... so I'd expect him to take it seriously.

What constructive commentary would you like? I have a big mirror on my wall and have put a piece of draught excluder on it to give me a reference point. That's more than good enough for me to watch my swing in ...

Download V1. The Home version is free and you can draw lines on your swing and circles round you head - just like your Pro http://www.v1golfacademy.com/


Yeah i tried the mirror thing but found it distracting and harder to work with than recording myself on the webcam.

Cheers Clonski, this could come in very handy, just what i was looking for!