How to get a more shallow swing

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How to get a more shallow swing

Can anybody suggest how to shallow out my swing with my irons, taking deep divots and losing a bit of distance

On occasion the old out to in swing fault creeps in, could this be causing the steep swing plane ?

Driver is perfect ( well alot better ) so seems to have correct plane, iron play long, mid short irons all have way too deep a divot

Help !

Set up a little further from the ball. Compensate for this by leaning over a little more. And rotate the forearms once the backswing is started. This should get the club more behind you instead of on top of you. The aim is to get the club deep and wide instead of shallow and steep.

Thankyou , would the out to in swing path also play a part ?

The swing plane, path and angle of attack are linked directly. If you are steep into the ball you will probably be a little out to in and above plane. To shallow out the swing you need to swing a little more from the inside

Forgot to 'Oh no!' his one while I was here earlier. Wolfman. Have you actually been told (by a suitably qualified expert of course) that you need to make your swing shallower? If not, go see one and get professional advice about your swing, not your symptoms! Though don't let yourself get treated as a cash cow. My swing is 'quite steep' for my height but I generally don't take divots, so the condition (notice I didn't say fault) and the symptom are not necessarily related. Taller players tend/have to have steeper swings. Seve (about 6'2") was very steep. Plenty believe his attempts to flatten his swing contributed significantly to his waywardness.   Are the divots actually straight at the target and even? If so, then you are probably (only) hitting the ball before clubhead has reached the bottom of its arc. Many fundamental reasons possible  for that. If divot's point left (assuming righty player) then out-to-in swing path. Your Pro should be able to see and correct much better than the bunch of hackers most of us are on here. A swing vid would probably help Bob and /or Pasty (non-hackers) do the same.  Pengwyn. Nothing personal, but you've demonstrated what peeves me about the advice we hackers give.  'Rotate Forearms'? It's a language thing because it's physically impossible to rotate a forearm (only)! The mssage you or I are trying to get across gets lost or misinterpreted so easily when only words are used.  Wolfman. If you are coming out-to-in, a simple drill (courtesy of Vijay Singh) is to place a water bottle behind the ball and slightly outside the target line. Avoiding hitting the bottle is the aim. Start off get with quite a bit of tolerance then get a bit moe demanding. Also demonstrates that it's the sub-conscious brain that governs most of the swing. Its priorities are 1. Not falling on our face or back. 2. Not hurting ourself. Hitting a golf ball the correct distance in the intended direction is way down its list!

Thanks guys, i have tried variations of the drill suggested using tees etc On occasion i am aware of the out to in as divots points slightly left of target But it still doesnt explain why the deep divots and loss of distance I am a big guy so i can muscle it through but would prefer to take a small divot i have been guilty in the past of starting the downswing with my right shoulder hence the out to in effect, my lessons improved that and got me starting with my weight shift, hips etc causing my arms to drop more on the downswing and a more inside swing

Foxholer wrote (see)

Pengwyn. Nothing personal, but you've demonstrated what peeves me about the advice we hackers give.  'Rotate Forearms'? It's a language thing because it's physically impossible to rotate a forearm (only)! The mssage you or I are trying to get across gets lost or misinterpreted so easily when only words are used.

this I absolutely hate 'duffers advice', it is nearly always cliched nonsense.

No it shouldn't be one of the busiest, though no doubt you could make it so with your point scoring pish. Bad and/or ill advised advice is worse than no advice at all.   Advice based on not even seeing someone swing? Give me a break. But then with the content-less nonsense you post, no surprise.

I take it you didn't get that 9 in? shame for all of us.

Why is it that on GM now you ask a question, some advice arrives and then it ends in conflict from a few members on here, what has gone wrong it never was like this some time back ? Its very sad for a forum to decline as at one time this was the best for help, tips and advice, now i am not sure any more

nowhere else to look mate just put up with some of the prattle on here and enjoy the rest of the banter.

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oh dear GM is really going down hill , i think time to look else where perhaps ?

Why are so many petulant children frequenting this site now. Shouldn't we have an age limit to deter these childish posts attacking each other. What should be a simple discussion on flattening the swing becomes childish sniping about points and the classic "you shouldn't have an opinion coz your not a pro" brigade. FCOL even the pro's on the site are told not to have an opinion from the know it all hcap golfers. This site is seriously going downhill.

Back to the op.......... If your divots are still deep, where is your ball positioned in relation to your stance...forward, middle or back? I still think occassionally you slip back to your old ways, come over the top and get steep. The proof is the divots pointing left.

Never been my problem, i'm always working on trying to get my swing steeper but I know one thing my coach always told me and that was that I have a shallow takeaway because I didn't hinge my wrists early enough, which never made sense to me

Some of the divots the pro's take are like fireside carpets

Paddyjk wrote (see)

How deep is deep? I have always been a bit of a trench digger, it gets worse at this time of year though, but for me a good divot is a sign that I am swinging well. What direction do the divots point ?

Thanks guys some good information, my divots i guess are 3/4" to 1" deep and have a slight point left of target or they are straight Ball position for mid irons 6,7,8 centre of stance and then slightly back by 1" for 9, PW , 48 deg wedge  Do you think my ball position is a tad back to far ? Incidently using my hybrid no.4 rescue, ball forward by 2" from centre, i hit it well with little to no divot so maybe the ball position is the key ??? 

Just a little left mostly

Had a session at the range this morning and i think i have found the fault perhaps ? I was not shifting my weight to the front foot enough sometimes leaving it late or weight on the back foot Tried to work hard on this today and contact and distance improved alot I think this is a fault i have had for a long time and i found if i took a couple of practice swings thinking hard of shifting my weight to the front before the start of the downswing the actual golf shot that followed was better and not a steep strike. I am aware of the weight shift being crucial now !

Sounds like a proper cure, just a case of seeing if it works long term now.

I like the idea about the 'sub-consious' mind always at work undermining our desires. The first desire to abandon is the notion of 'hitting the ball'.  For me this idea spells doom, at least massive failure to  move the ball in the proper direction or distance. I  have been improving lately because am much more relaxed in the upper body down to the hands,  no more 'hitting'.  And much more active below the belt moving the hips  forward and around. Ever see the driver tee shot  go  up and over your head backwards?  That was me with the steepest downwards smash possible; hope never to see it again. Can never recommend too highly old golf  book by Percy Boomer; now the golf swing makes much more sense.