No wrist break?

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No wrist break?
Having mentioned in a previous thread about having a compact swing keeping my arms close to my chest but having 'lost' something - I think I have found it.
I do not conciously (or perhaps at all?) break my wrists.
With the arms close in to the chest, the wrists are already at an angle and I seem to maintain this all the way back and down to the ball with my arms and chest together.
I suppose this makes for a compact swing where nothing much can go wrong, but is it right?? Should I be adding to this swing with a bit of wrist or stick to what works?

depends how far it goes I guess. If you're stuggling for distance, you might need to add a bit of "wrist action" LOL!

Get someone to capture you on video, I'd bet there's a wrist set/unset in there somewhere. Just let it happen naturally using the weight of the club, much easier to reproduce than any intentional set/unset. And one less swing thought to clutter you up.

A friend of mine (Plays off 2) swings without breaking his wrists. He probably sacrifices a little yardage with his irons but his accuracy is fantastic. I guess it's one less moving part to go wrong.On the other hand he is very long with the driver with the same swing, his tempo and timing are very good and he never lashes at the ball.Food for thought

B of B.....that is what it has been like for me recently. A nice easy tempo with good ball contact and fantastic accuracy.With the irons you sometimes feel that you have not given it enough oomph but the driver distance is just as good as before with what feels like very little efort.I feel I can go a whole round with decent straight drives without any real effort - gives me a feeling of having an advantage in matchplay especially.As you mention (food for thought), it is probably the first time that I have realised that what they say about a nice easy swing and good contact being longer than trying to belt the thing is actually true. Once I got this in my head, it made a big difference to my golf.


You mean he really doesn't break his wrists, or he *thinks* he doesn't?I think of the analogy of hammering a nail. You wouldn't try to hammer with rigid wrists, and IMO the same applies to the golf swing. It may be subconcious but I think it needs to be there.

You are probably right JB - in fact definitely - with the hammer analogy.But, for me, swinging with conciously fixed wrists is a lot more accurate (better timing) than swinging with a wrist break - if not as powerful. It is far superior however, to swinging with too much wrist action - or casting from the top.Hopefully you are right and if I do not intentionally break the wrist (but they will slightly anyway) I am on the right track.

I had my best ball striking round in months on sunday and i put it down to less wrist action in the back swing. I think i still get a decent angle there but its much less than before. I've found no loss of distance though as the firmer wrists are stopping the club from coming too far back and the club head definitly feels like its swinging on a wider arc.

He/you will break your wrists,but just very late.Its not impossible to play like this,Tiger does it for one,his set is very late,but its there.Without a proper wrist set ist very difficult if not impossible to get the full power out of your swing.On a 6000 yarder thats a piece of piss,but go anywhere near a 7000 beats and you will be suicidal.You seem to going out there and working on your game,which is great,just persevere some more and work on the set,you will reep the rewards later