Question about the downswing please...

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Question about the downswing please...
I am right handed and during my back swing i try to concnetrate on keeping my left arm straight and getting my right shoulder under my chin (which i find easier to do if i raise my head slightly at address). My question is in relation to the downswing please... At the start of the downswing should i feel my right arm pulling down which might make me be right arm dominant in the downswing? I remember having a lesson years ago and being told to imagine my right arm was pulling down as if to pull a toilet chain. So should i 'feel' like at the start of my downswing that my right arm pulls down and becomes more dominant which would make me 'feel' my right arm was then forcing the club thru the ball, if thats a good way to describe it. I hope you understand what im trying to get at... Thankyou

I know exactly what you mean.But the downswing starts from the bottom NOT the right hand.I find that the downswing starts with a pause after the backswing, literally everything feels like it stops, after that it just kind of happens, from the bottom upwards.

I was just reading an article here...

And accordinging to this (as i understand) is that if the right hand/arm becomes dominant then this is fatal, and that the left hand/arm should remain dominant.

Here is a direct quote (this can be read in the forst few paragraphs of the link i provided).

"The left hand and arm must play the dominant role in the swing at all times. If it does not, you have no alternative but to over employ the right hand,

The right hand can only dominate if the left hand and arm fails to play its controlling role."

Would you agree with this? and should i be implying a more left arm/hand dominance in my swing? and if so should this be conciously done in order to ingrain it?

 Loco said:I am right handed and during my back swing i try to concnetrate on keeping my left arm straight and getting my right shoulder under my chin (which i find easier to do if i raise my head slightly at address).Wow - what sort of contortionist are you????I also am right handed and usually - well always-  try and get my LEFT shoulder under my chin on the backswing

if you rely on internet tips like the link you posted you will forever struggle with inconsistencies since different teachers have different theories and will communicate those in ideosyncratic ways. "The left hand and arm must play the dominant role in the swing at all times. If it does not, you have no alternative but to over employ the right hand,"not all teachers would agree with this.  I've read teaching that suggests that the power in the golfswing comes from the right arm (like a throwing motion). No doubt if you put these two teachers in a room together they would find the common ground and end up agreeing on certain fundamentals, but if you read their written words, they'd seem contradictory. Go and see a pro.

As I continue to say: Try an extended baseball grip, hands 2-3 inches apart,  but still holding the club as though it was a golf grip. Then go through the golf swing as you normally do and you'll soon find the correct feeling of your downswing and throughswing. OK your ball will fly pants, but get that swing grooved, maybe 5 minutes at the start of each session on the range, and then put your hands back to a golf grip, and you should (hopefully) see a marked improvement.

I am no coach or swing guru and may well get chastised, but I have used the following drill in the past. With no ball present as a practice swing. Take the club to the top of your swing position and pause for a fraction of a second. Then drop your hands straight down keeping the left arm straight. Drop the hands to about waist height. You will feel the right arm come down in to the right side, if your stance and posture is good your elbow should ideally be beweewen your stomach and flank. This is the pulling the chain motion, this is how you want your arms to react when the swing starts but this is not the trigger, this is the feel you want after the start. I do this about three times. This will instill the feel of the arms dropping in to plane.Now take the hands to the top and start the swing sequence. This starts with a slight hip bump then your left hip should start to pull back around the torso, starting to work back against the solid base of the legs and feet. As the hips start to open the hands will hopefully follow the move you have just rehearsed and start to drop down in to the slot. The hips continue to work round and form that position the arm will follow the rest of your body till you then release the club head in to the ball and hey presto. The right side of your body will start to come trhough and drive up to a finish position.When all is in sync and you are hitting the ball sweetly I can only say that when you swing you really feel as if you are hitting the ball with your entire body. You go to the top, trigger the hips aginst the lower half, the arms just drop and follow through with the entire body, it is almost effortless and you need to have the basics right. Grip, stance, posture and alignment. I used to have a terrible problem coming over the top and casting with a fade being the outcome or weak slice with the driver. I would attribute this drill being one of the many things that helped me overcome this but is a drill I often revert to.Hope it helps.

golf is a game of opposites, to say the power of a golfer comes from the right hand/arm (for right handers) is destructive for most golfers. they say 90% of amatuer golfers slice and this is why.if you initate the down swing with the right hand you automaticaly start coming over the top start throwing away the power, the right hand, arm is a very small muscle compart to the legs/torso/ shoulders.if you start with the left side the club will come from the inside, unless your so flat it cant (me)try this take the club to the back of a 3 quater swing and hold in bump your hips towards your target and your arms will automaticly start dropping into the slotGood luck

After over a year of trying to think about what my arms were doing on the backswing and then downswing I got a lesson and realised that a proper grip and set up should automatically put my arms in the correct positions in the swing - without thinking about where they are or what they are doing. Then if they get into the correct position at the top, by way of a good set up, they have a chance of moving in the correct sequence in the downswing IF I get my rhythm right.I would think that your grip is what influences which hand dominates - rightly or wrongly. So I would ask why are you experimenting with this? Are you trying to correct a shot or trying to play a certain shot? If so, I would recommend seeing a pro to check out a few things. I say this as I now think that the only way I can influence what my arms are doing in my swing is by way of the set up and my rhythm. The pro helps me with the set up and I work on the rhythm. I hope this advice doesnt sound a tad off coming from a slightly higher handicapper but my advice is based on my similar experiences - in particular the visit to the pro and realisation that setup, especially the grip, is EVERYTHING in how well I swing the club.

Hi! I know what you meant. I think, you should not feel like your right arm is pulling down, it sometimes cause my right hand to overpower. Instead feel like you're letting the triangle created by your chest, right arm, and left arm to fall down to the proper path to execute impact. When doing this, you should feel like your beginning to transfer your weight to your left knee. This feeling is actually your hips starting the downswing. If you don't feel your weight starting to transfer to your left knee, this mean you're starting with your arms not your hips.This advice cured my slice and made it into draw.   Hope it helps!

u should check out shaun clemets videos i think they are great. continung from what penguin says about it stops at the top, if u think like a swing in a park it goes up and gravity lets it fall, try that helps rythm and timing and gives u effortless power, bit like steve stricker