Upright or hunched putting stance?

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Upright or hunched putting stance?
Most pros use a fairly upright stance when putting, and a lot of the books, videos, etc. say you should have an upright stance when putting, with your eyes over the ball, etc. But Niclaus was hunched over and plenty of other great putters hunch over the ball. I was just wondering if there was any scientific proof or otherwise which proves a more upright stance is better. I suppose a hunched stance puts a curve in your shoulders, which might not help. I know a lot of you will say, 'It's whatever you're comfortable with', but scientifically one way should be better than the other.

there are many methods, stances,grips left over right or vice versa, feet together or spread extra wide,who was most successful doesn't mean his/her style is the best, it just means it worked for them.how do you prove which is the best, use statistics ,records, and a big pinch of salt, what works for one may not work for another, so I like everyone else found what works for me , regardless of what can or cannot be proven

Upright for me

I played in a comp the other week with a bloke who's putter was so short it could have barely been legal. He wasn't so much hunched over as doubled up...!

I'm so bent over I look like Quasimodo when I'm putting... and maybe a bit off the course as well. Maybe there is a scientifically better way but surely what works best for you is best for you. Only thing I would say is that since cutting my putter down to 32inches (which maybe suits my hunched-over address position better - ?), my putting has improved significantly.

I've followed the great Mr Pelz advice of an upright stance and my putting has improved. I think you need to try almost everything when it comes to putting, stances, putters, grips, etc. and see which one produces the best results. But I think Pelz has proven a lot of things through his scientific approach, but putting is perhaps the most individual and least prone to any scientific theory.

Evan, I like his 'straight back and straight through' guidance (as opposed to 'closing the door' or whatever he calls it). It's kind of obvious but it needs someone to tell to do it and briefly explain why it works and suddenly it can click into place. After practising that for only a relatively short time it helped me a lot.

I actually have my legs straight when I putt as well.

Putting with my legs straight has totally transformed my putting, its a perfectly repeatable position everytime (and very comfortable when you get used to it).I used to have my kness bent and noticed that after 15 holes around my local hilly course that i occasionally had more knee bend than i started with... its not 100% reliable and repeatable and therefore inconsistent.Thats why i changed to straight legs, and boy am i happy i did, i genuinely sink more putts and/or leave more tap ins and have FAR less 3 putts, truly.

PS: since putting with my legs straight (not overly locked just straight) i also dont brush the ground too much with the putter, you know the feeling when you leave one 5 feet short cos you hit the ground... my stance and my stroke are perfectly repeatable and so are the results, IE: i dont hit the ground at all anymore.Sorry for 2nd post but i felt it was relevant to add.

regardless of stroke preferences etc how many forum members actually set up in a routine the same way they would for a full shot iron or driver I would estimate very few even though we all know how important it is and how big a percentage of shots it isstand too close or too far away the putters lie angles changed set up away from centre and you change the putters loft feet diferent widths you will catch the ball too high or catch the floorOne customer set up about 8 times to the ball and produced different setting for his putter each time and this is the norm

I have a routine for putting, if I don't do it I'll miss :)