Wanting a lower ball flight

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Wanting a lower ball flight

When driving i feel i get far too much height.  The ball is stopping within 20 yards of it landing.  i'm wanting the ball the carry on rolling down the fairway.

 i know its been winter and the the soft ground does take a lot out the distance, but this week with the ground firming up it still isnt travelling that far after hitting the deck.

my driver is a TM R7 Limited 10.5 reg.  and currently travelling around 250/260 yards.

i dont tee the ball that high either. (top half of ball looking over the top of the club)

Any tips????

Professional fitting would benefit you greatly.

20 yards roll isn't that bad, on soft fairways i've managed to lose a few inches from where my ball landed and rolled back out of the pitch mark!!

Do you tee the ball far forward of centre? E.g. lined up with the inside of your left foot?Try teeing it further towards centre of your stance, slightly lower on the tee.Other options include lower loft, lower launch shaft (both equipment changes, can be an expensive cul-de-sac if you don't get expert help....) or modifying your angle of swing.So try the teeing position and height first, much simpler and cheaper.....

get a 7 degree longdrive club!

The more backspin imparted on the ball - particularly if it's coming down from height, the less it will roll.  You should be aiming for about 2600 - 3000 revs of backspin a minute.  If you produce more (suggested by the low height of the tee) the ball will tend to stop fairly quickly.To maximise distance the take off trajectory and backspin are important!However, this is easy to find out if you are serious in maximising length and carry.  Phone up a few local pros and ask them if they have 'Flightscope' or any machine that monitors backspin and trajectory.  Newbury Golf Centre has one and it's fantastic.  Many of the top pros now chose their drivers solely on this information.  If you are looking for a quick fix - try hitting the driver out of the top of the sweet spot as that will minimise backspin - but you have to tee the ball higher to enable this.  

thanks for the advice guys, i'll try teeing the ball a bit higher first to see how that goes.i already have the ball as far inside my left heel as possible to ensure i hit up on the ball, i use to fade it massivley (with ball inch inside left heel) but this has cured it along with a low takeaway.

Bearing in mind that you tee the ball higher to hit it on the upswing (modern theory) it is worth trying to set up with your driver face in mid stance, but the ball forward as discussed above. It is quite common to move the ball forward in the stance and then set up with the club head directly behind it, thus encouraging you to return to this point and hit the ball on the downswing as you would an iron. This will result in high, possibly even skied drived. Just moving the club head back 4-6 inches and swing as you would with any other club can make all the difference. It may also enourage you to swing through the ball resulting in a more penetrating ball flight (a manufacturer's favourite phrase!)

Have you tried topping it?

I have a 8.5 degree driver, by accident because someone nicked my 10 degree, however, it was a blessing in disguise. I first learnt how to hit the ball higher and now into a headwind I can tee the ball down and back a little to get a lower ball flight. 

I thought most Pro's now go for carry with minimum roll?Personally I prefer less roll, as nothing more annoying to see your ball land the fairway, then roll on into the rough!!

Hi Poz,Most pros don't worry too much about roll when the ball lands - they are mainly concentrating on maximum carry.  This comes from the right amount of backspin combined with the correct flight angle.  I understand the theory but I still prefer to tee the ball down low.  Look at Laura Davies the way she tees it off the deck.  You'd have to have some bottle to do that in front of a large gallery!

I have been reading this thread wth interest, I usually change the tee height to affect the shot shape. For me if I tee it low I will fade/slice as I am coming down on the shot. For a draw I tee higher (but not hugely). A normal tee shot would be a 1/3 of the ball over the club head and I tee on inside of my heel. Am I right in thinking that  ball selection is also a factor ? At the moment I have opted to use a 10.5 degree driver - which sounds like a lot of loft but it seems to be quite controlable, but I also like the shaft which is the standard stiff from the manufacturer (when I am struggling I reduce my swing tempo and some stiff shafts don't like this - when I hit hard with this shaft I get a draw, which I like - is it strange to want to play around 80% of your total capacity and occassionally go 100% for the big shots??)At the moment I am content to hit the driver within 20yds of my target position - I probably average 245yds (bit of an ego crush when you measure using the mark function on the sonocaddie , but best to be realistic)

Think your self lucky you get 20yds run out, mine stop dead at times.The way i think about roll out is using shot shape, i try and get a nice high draw working, i know you might lose carry distance, but it rolls out more on firm links fairways.I think tee it up high of front big toe, and try and stay behind it, dont get the shoulders over the top.I have the same driver (lower loft) and love it, so easy to hit.

You are right about that Hoski, but I suppose its down to the indvidual player!I never tee up my driver high.........but I use an 11 deg driver!As long as I hit the short stuff I won't be moaning.

have you seen pros drive they hit it to the moon!

not old Arnold!Great video of strange swings - Tiger's comment just before the end even funnier!Strangest Swings

Yesterday, I re-shafted a driver with a 105g Aldila NV stiff shaft. This is designed for a lower launch.I'm gripping the shaft tomorrow so I probably won't be swinging it until Friday.I'll let it be known if a heavier shaft achieves a lower ball flight as I think John R is interested too.My choice of driver head was the Cobra 2007 LD F speed with 10.5 degree loft.I was going to choose my 9.5 X speed but was reluctant to pull the excellent Aldila shaft already fitted.Having hit many 9 degree heads in my time I'm not of the belief that lower loft equals lower launch. It's more like exaggerated side spin. My hopes are for a lower launch with the benefit of a 10.5 head.The shaft will remain uncut from its original 46" length.Watch this space.

Exaggerated side spin will reduce the effect of backspin and hence may well result in a lower flight path - not to anywhere that you particularly want to be though!