Bunker Full Of Casual Water?

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Bunker Full Of Casual Water?
You knock your ball into a bunker full of casual water.There's no place at all for a stance or to place the ball without either foot or ball underwater.
What's the ruling??

You can drop it in the bunker where the interference from the water is least. ie you don't have to take full relief.Or with a penalty stroke, drop it outside the bunker keeping the point where the ball lay directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far behind the bunker the ball may be dropped. (25-1b(ii)(b)You may also go back to where you last played, with a penalty (28a)

This is covered by Decision 25-1b/8http://www.usga.org/playing/rules/books/decisions/dec25.html#25-1b/8In addition to the 3 options mentioned: 1. drop in the bunker without penalty, 2. drop behind the bunker on the line hole/ball3. replay the strokethe player has the other 2 options under Rule 28 - 4. drop the ball within 2 clublengths, 5. drop the ball on a line ball/hole These last 2 options require the ball to be dropped in the bunker with a penalty stroke - really not very interesting, when the only thing the player wants, is to out of this mess.

The other option, probably of little interest to the player, is to play it as it lies.

The player can do that, and he can place his club in the water behind the ball, as long as he does not ground it.

Just reading this as this happened at the weekend. in RD's reply can these be closer to the hole but within the bunker?

No, not nearer the hole.

OK... we had this discussion in the club house. If the bunker is full of water you can drop out under penalty even if its closer to the hole. Of course the closer will be based on stance etc and not taking the pee. I thought this was wrong but as didn't know couldn't say for sure... I think I'll dig my rule book out and carry it around from now on :-)

You are never allowed to drop nearer the hole than the original posistion of th ball.(As always - there is an exeption, but this is when a player drops a ball in a drop zone. And only it that case.)

peachy... my reply to you would be stay out of the bloody thing in the first place!

Rules-Doc said:The player can do that, and he can place his club in the water behind the ball, as long as he does not ground it.I was in this exact situation today and I decided to play it as it lay. I knew i could place the club in the water but as i did so the ball moved slightly (it was just about covered in water) but seemed to move back to its original position.Whats the ruling on this?

Definition of "moved":"A ball is deemed to have

Thanks RD. It was only a social round but its always good to clarify any grey areas you may have for the more important rounds and for my own peace of mind. Wouldn't want to get DQ'd now would we!!

If you do as you are allowed to - touch the casual water in a bunker - in an important comp, here's the Decision just in case somebody says "what?!"13-4/7 Touching Casual Water in Bunker with ClubQ. A player

Rules-Doc: I think you need to read your rules again. You get nearest point of relief in the bunker with no penatly. Anything else incurs a penalty. And this is about the only time you can drop outside a bunker. Even an unplayable would be stroke and distance.

You are not allowed to drop outside the bunker unless you take a penalty. Rules Doc is correct

Gordon: True. I was referring to the 2 club length comment. I read it as 2 club lengths in the bunker. Sorry.

.........confession..............................................................................................................Playing a local club at the weekend some of the bunkers were full of water, I went in one that was about 3 ft deep and couldn't even find it.I couldn't drop in it,behind it was lying water about 2 inches deep then another bunker again full of water.My playing partner told me to take a drop to the side without penalty but it now appears I did wrong.

We played a club match v Tilsworth on Saturday their captain told everyone to have a free drop out any bunker. But if it was a proper comp unless there was a local rule for the day you would only get a free drop if you kept it somewhere in the bunker