Date not entered on Score Card in Competition

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Date not entered on Score Card in Competition

In a ladies stroke play competition ladies signed and paid to play as required they played the course, returned to the club house and entered there scores into the computer exactly as required.  However the committee realised that they had failed to enter the date on the card and disqualified them from the comp and increased their handicap by .01.

Is this correct!!!   

As far as I am concerned the players responsibility is to sign the card enter the correct handicap and correct gross scores for each hole.Players Responsibilites  6-6

Committee resposibilites are to enter date etc and to correctly add up scores.rule 33.5

Can a committe dq someone for not dating their scorecard?

Is there something elsewhere in the rules that allows a committee to do this?

Doesn't anybody have anything to say? Going out to play golf hoping for DH or someone to reply when I return    

It is the committee's responsibility to enter the date on the card. Rule 33-5. They may request the player to do it but can not apply any golfing penalty (eg DQ or strokes) if the player does not. If they have nor requested the player to enter the date they have no sanction to apply any sort of penalty. If they have asked, and the player has not done so, they can only apply a disciplinary penalty. eg prevent play in a future competition. CONGU have publishd a Decision on this matter. (Dec 1(m)).

Let them have it Jules!!

33-5. Score Card In stroke play, the Committee must provide each competitor with a score card containing the date and the competitor’s name or, in foursome or four-ball stroke play, the competitors’ names.   Dec.1(m) Competition Conditions That Apply Solely to the UHSQ. The administration of handicapping has become increasingly the domain of the computer resulting in Handicap Committees requiring competitors to provide assistance in various ways beyond that required by the Rules of Golf.These include:• Total the score and apply the correct handicap.• Enter and total Stableford points on their card.• On completion of the round enter scores hole by hole into a computer terminal.• Enter on the scorecard their computer reference number.• Indicate on the card scores to be adjusted by the application of Nett Double Bogey or the Stableford formula.Can the Committee in chargeof the competition,or Handicap Committee, impose a penalty under the Rulesof Golf when a player fails to comply with a request of the nature listed above?A. R&A Rules Limited has confirmed that “provided a player fulfils the requirements of Rule 6-6 apenalty cannot be imposed under the Rules of Golf for failure to comply with these conditions.However, imposing a penalty of a disciplinary nature, such as suspension of handicap is not considered to be contrary to the Rules of Golf.” An alternative penalty would be to suspend the player’s right to compete in Club competitions for a specified period. (See R&A Decisions on the Rules of Golf, Decision 6-6b/8). 6-6b/8 Requirement That Score Be Entered into Computer Q.May a Committee, as a condition of competition, provide that a competitor must enter his score into a computer? A.No. Such a condition would modify Rule 6-6b. However, while it is not permissible to penalize a player under the Rules of Golf for failing to enter his score into a computer, a Committee may, in order to assist in the administration of the competition, introduce a "club regulation" to this effect and provide disciplinary sanctions (e.g., ineligibility to play in the next club competition(s)) for failure to act in accordance with the regulation.

thanks dh thought you would come up with the goods