Is is legal to putt one handed

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Is is legal to putt one handed
Thats it really, I have a freind who prefers to putt with one hand, I think its legal but his pals keep telling him hes not allowed to do it (probably cos hes quit good at it) So, is it legal Thanks in advance

Yes, so long as you make a fair stroke at it, i.e. not scrape it in, and you observe the other rules such as not standing astride the line of the putt.

It's okay to put with one hand.There's a Decision 17-1/5, that tells us, that putting with one hand, holding the flagstick with the other hand, is ok.

It has to be legal. What it you only have one arm?

I recall seeing a player on the US PGA tour putting one handed a year or two ago. Don't know if he stil does.

Mike Hulbert.

funnily enough, I have started putting one handed (left) when practicing...i find that it helps with getting the ball to the hole...I am making a more positive one handed stroke which means that most putts carry far beyond the its just a matter of getting more control to limit the distance.not had the ba**s to try this in a competetive round yet but am continuing with it in practice.

Practice putting with one hand if it is the front hand encourages you to pull rather than push the putter and this helps keep the putter on line..easier to pull a trailer stright than push it straight..Or have just been watching Pelz to much...

Not for me it ain't - right hand dominant in putting, left hand along for the ride, very light. Consequently can putt quite well with just my right hand.Depends on the individual.

im left handed but play right handed, and so prefer to 'backhand' the ball with my left hand when putting one handed

I just began putting right handed. I had the best putting round ever. I am right handed naturally. One-handed putting simulates tossing a ball with the right hand to a target - in this case the hole. My distance and speed control is right on. The key is to find a putter that you can control "naturally", that is to say with The "con" is to have a putter that twists in the backswing or forward swing through impact. If you have a balanced putter, putting with one hand (the right for "righties") is a great way to go. I have found that a back & through putter that is balanced so that the face points toward the sky will work best. A blade putter (toe to ground) lends itself to and open-to-closed path leaves too much room for error in one-handed putiing. I have putted this way from all distances on the green and even from the fringe just off the putting surface. Give this method a try - don't let your buddies "bully" you into a purist method. Bet 'em - and beat 'em.


In reply to your email, there is nothing in the Rules that requires the player to grip the club with two hands.  Therefore, a player may make a stroke with only one hand on the grip. Thank you for your interest in the Rules of Golf, which can be found on the USGA’s web site at  Additionally, we invite you to watch the “Rules of Golf Explained” video series, which provides explanations of several of the most commonly applied Rules of Golf in easy-to-understand language, at  

Augie wrote (see)

 we invite you to watch the “Rules of Golf Explained” 

Who are the we referred to? But what are you doing responding to thread that was settled 7 years ago? Did you not bother reading the thread at the top of this forum?

The "we" is the USGA. I submitted a question to them about the rules governing one-handed putting. What is you problem? I'm just participating in a forum on a topic that is of interest to me. Get a life.

Not so much a problem as just an irritation at someone resurrecting a 7 year old thread by asking the question that was answered those 7 years ago and then troubling the USGA to get the same answer.  All very pointless.  

So is your post.

I'll tell the USGA, the R&A, PGA & European Tours that you guys are on the job. And, they don't need to be available for questions. Apparently, this is not a website or a forum where discussion is welcome. So go to your rooms and do one-handed what you are probably best at. Leave the discussions about golf to the grown-ups. Tsk, tsk. Would not want to bother the USGA since we have you.


Rules Doc wrote (see)


code for 'my spidy sense is tingling?'  

Augie Why did you think the problem had not been resolved? If, as it seems, you had spent some time browsing this forum, you would have realised that there are a number of highly qualified posters here, so recouse to the USGA or R&A is rarely necessary.  

DH, Thank you for the question. Let me take a moment to explain. I recently discovered putting one-handed was effective. I sought to find out if it was legal. So I went to the internet and "Googled" a question. The results took me to this website and forum. I signed up. I posted a commnent (above). I spent minimal time browsing the forum. I don't know what credentials you folks have. In addition I went to the USGA website which offers rules advice just to see what they say about the matter. I simply availed myself of their service. I posted an excerpt here of their reply to me only to share information with the forum. I didn't expect to be critized because I posted something on a thread that was seven years old. I didn't realize their was a statute of limitations on postings. Next, I am taken to task for seefking a comment from the USGA - the very agency that is set up to promote golf and its rules. This was not a very welcoming experience. I hope that settles the matter. Maybe I'll just stick to talking to my friends about golf over a pint .

Seven years is a long time to expect anyone in that original thread to have any further interest. Anyone else who wanted to know would have opened a new thread.  

All the silly arguments aside, isn't this the dumbest rules question ever asked????!!!!  

@augie, if your normal attitude is what you posted yesterday 20.51, I would suggest that you stick to your old friends. Please.

@Lou, I can assure you, it's not the dumbest Rules Q. ever

Everyone: get a life!

Well i joined up here a couple of months ago, my first post was to say hello and  introduce myself. I was ridiculed by some idiot because of a simple typo..Tonight i venture in again (silly me)... If this is the quality of posts i can expect i shall venture elsewhere. You shall see nor hear from me again. There are many other golfing forums with intelligent lifeforms, unfortunately this is not one of them!

Euan, read the 'One tough day' thread.
Hopefully that will change your mind.