OOB posts moveable obstructions?

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OOB posts moveable obstructions?
I've always thought OOB posts were imoveable obstructions, am I right?

No - they are "something fixed".See definitions on obstructions.

I was reading the definitions section and it mentioned imoveable obstructions outside the OOB markers, surely anything outside the OOB markers is irrelevant.

Then continue to the next def. on "out of bounds":"Objects defining oob such as walls, fences, stakes and railings, are not obstructions and are deemed to be fixed."

Evan re 16.56 postobstructions in the OOB can still interfere with swing when the ball is in bounds. See definition 24-2b/21.The funny bit about this is it appears not to follow the spirit of moveable obstructions see definiton 24-1/3No wonder people find the rules so hard to follow at times.

Ok, so if your ball is in bounds but you have to stand out of bounds to play it, which is allowed, then can you swish away at the vegetation which is out of bounds in order to make your stance/swing easier?

Situation:Your ball is in bounds, but to play it, you have to stand out of bounds. No problem there, that

WOW your long winter nights must fly by!


Sorry I should have said WOW your long winter nights must fly by! (Dec 20-11/67)

Rules-Doc,only in golf is being well informed on the rules a reason to be ridiculed.By those who can't be bothered, usually.

It was supposed to be a joke, but nevermind.

Harry is giving praise for your depth of knowledge of the rules og golf Rules-doc, in a slightly sarcastic way. Saying that, and maybe I'm sad, but I do find the golf rules and the situations people get into on the course quite interesting.

Evan - if you are sad, I must be totally pathetic, because I find the Rules fascinating, and have spend more time on the Rules, than on the game itself for almost 4 years. (Been a golfer for 38)In my own language I can spice them up a bit, but I find it hard to do the same thing in English. Because of that, my answers tend to become...boring.My posting are easy to pick out, so funseekers - run away whenever you see the rolling ball!!And now - back to Rulings.